Genshin Impact 3.2 leaks: Nahida banner characters revealed

nahida banner characters featured

It’s no longer a secret that the Dendro Archon Lesser Lord Kusanali, best known as Nahida, will be making her debut in the first banner of the 3.2 version of Genshin Impact alongside Yoimiya in her second rerun. What was now revealed was the other featured characters who will make their presence alongside the girls, as the Nahida banner characters have been leaked.

The info comes from Save Your Primos, who’s been one of the most consistent leakers in the last few months. It includes the featured 4-star characters who will accompany both of the banners, which can always be an extra incentive for those uncertain whether to roll or not in it.

As this is the introduction of a new Archon (and they are usually pretty good if not an immediate top tier at their roles), players have high expectations for Nahida, and she’ll probably be the main focus. Poor Yoimiya keeps being thrown next to extremely popular characters, and this time is yet again no exception to that rule.

Nahida banner characters for 3.2

According to this info, the rate up 4-star characters are Bennett, Noelle and Razor. A full Mondstadt team with the girls as the main star. A new banner usually features characters with synergies with the featured one, but since Nahida and Yoimiya have very different roles in their teams, this is not completely the case here.

There were some interesting choices for the Nahida banner characters. The Archon herself is set to become one of the best Dendro Sub DPS in the game while Yoimiya’s best suited as a main DPS herself. This makes it harder for finding suitable characters who would benefit from having either of them as teammates, so they went with a more neutral route here.

nahida animations and skills featured
Credit: Hoyoverse

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While Bennett and Noelle both are supports in their usual teams, Razor is more of a greedy DPS. He does benefit from Nahida somewhat as the Electro + Dendro reactions are pretty good, but being a Physical damage-focused character himself, he doesn’t take full advantage of having good Aggravate uptime.

Yoimiya could be protected by Noelle’s shields, which would also grant her the Geo resonance if paired with Yun Jin (one of her best supports). That said Noelle’s not a very popular character for that role, with other shielders sucha s Zhongli surpassing her ability. This leaves only Bennett as a good pair for her from this banner, as Razor directly competes with her for the main role in the team.

Should I pull in the Nahida/Yoimiya banner?

Don’t roll only for the 4* Nahida banner characters unless you feel ok with getting the main characters. If you’ve been saving for Scaramouche since his first leaks arose, it might be better to simply wait a bit more until he’s here, which shouldn’t take much longer at this stage.

Bennett has proven to be a brokenly strong support since the release of the game and his Constellations are vital for his success, even his divisive C6. Noelle also becomes a beast when maxed out, and while Razor has fallen out in popularity, he’s still a nice and cheap carry, especially in earlier portions of the game.

On the featured characters themselves, both are great additions to your account. Nahida is speculated to be the best Dendro applier after her release, and her Burst has some interesting proprieties which cannot be found anywhere else in the game. With her Elemental Mastery scalings, she could be extra good if you got Nilou.

Yoimiya is always left in a tight spot in banners, but she’s also a good choice. Being one of the best boss killers in the game that got stronger with the introduction of new characters such as Yun Jin and Yelan, she has a very dynamic and charming style of gameplay, fitting for her personality.

nahida banner characters yoimiya
Credit: Hoyoverse

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The rule of thumb is to never roll simply for 4-stars if you’re saving for a future banner, and there’s no exception for the Nahida banner characters. You never know when you can get lucky (unlucky in this case?) and get the featured character ruining your pity in the process. 

Genshin Impact is available for PS4, PS5, Android, iOS and PC. 

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