Genshin Impact Yoimiya: Elemetal Skill, Burst, and Constellations Leaked

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Last Updated on: 10th June 2021, 02:45 pm

Today, miHoYo officially revealed Yoimiya, a new Pyro Bow character coming to Genshin Impact, but, as soon as she was presented, new information, now revealing her full kit surfaced.

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According to the leaks, courtesy of @dimbreath, and translated by @SsukunaaA, Yoimiya will be a character-focused on dealing high pyro damage and enabling reactions, in other words, a main Elemental DPS.

Normal/Charged Attacks

According to the leaks, her normal attacks will consist of 5 consecutive bow shots, and her charged attack will have two charge levels. On the second level, she will be able to shot up to three tracking Pyro-infused arrows at an enemy.

Yoimiya – Elemental Skill and Burst

According to the leaks, her Elemental skill, ”The Flame Blazing Dance”, will coat Yoimiya in Pyro, infusing her attacks and strengthening her charged attacks.

Her Elemental Burst, ”Ryukin Kumomagusa”, on the other hand, will consist of leaping into the air and dealing AoE Pyro damage, as well as marking an enemy with a Ryukin Flare. When attacked by teammates, marked enemies will explode, and the mark will be transferred to another.


All of Yoimiya constellations were also leaked, showing more about her role in a composition.

  • According to the leaks, her first constellation will increase Yoimiya’s attack by 20% if an enemy is defeated by the effect of Ryukin Flare.
  • Her second constellation will give her a 25% Pyro Damage bonus after scoring an elemental Critical Hit.
  • Her third and fifth constellation will increase the level of her Elemental skill and Burst.
  • Her fourth constellation will decrease the cooldown of Flame blazing Dance by 1 second after she causes a Ryukin Flare explosion.
  • Her sixth constellation will allow her to occasionally shot out an additional fire arrow when under the effect of her Elemental Skill.

You can check out the full description of all of her Constellations, elemental Skill, Burst, and normal attacks below, courtesy of @dimbreath on Twitter.

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Genshin Impact’s version 1.6 will be released on June 9th, featuring both a Klee rerun banner, the debut of the game’s new 5-star Kazuha, new events, outfits, a limited-time new region, new bosses, quests, and much more.

Right now, players can take part in the second phase of the game’s current version 1.5 ”Beneath the Light of Jadeite” and try to pull for its featured 5-star Eula and her featured weapon, the 5-star Claymore Song of the Broken Pines.

Genshin Impact is currently available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, mobile devices – Android and iOS – and for PC, via miHoYo’s official launcher and, from June 9th, in the Epic Games Store. A version of the game for the Nintendo Switch is also reportedly in development.

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So, are you excited about Yoimiya’s arrival in Genshin Impact’s upcoming 2.0 update?