Genshin Impact: Who is Varka?

Genshin Impact Varka fan art

When we first arrived in Mondstadt as The Traveler, Amber from the Knights of Favonius escorted us to the City of Mondstadt. This was the first time we’ve heard about the Knights and met someone from their ranks. But as we journeyed onward, we’d hear more about them, including some bits and pieces of their current Grand Master Varka.

However, not much is actually known about the Grand Master. In this article, we’ll tell you everything that’s officially known about him.

What we know about Varka so far

Based on how people talk about him, Varka, also known as the Knight of Boreas, sounds like a strong, respectable person. For one, Tartaglia calls him the “titan of the Knights of Favonius” and, as someone who loves battles, hopes to face the Grand Master in combat someday.

However, despite his reputation, we haven’t actually met him yet. It can be recalled that before we first arrived in Mondstadt, Varka had gone out on an expedition together with the city’s elite forces, leaving Jean as the acting Grand Master.


While there isn’t any news about his expedition, the deaconess of the Church of Favonius, Barbara, tells us not to worry about it as she is confident about his skills. He is notable for his strength that Eula, also one of the Knights, suspects that he has been intentionally holding back during one sparring session.

Genshin Impact Varka Fanmade Splash Art
Varka Fan art, Credit: u/Walnaught_Art

Going on expeditions and leaving Jean to act as the Grand Master is actually not something new. The current Grand Master usually does this, but despite this, much is Jean’s respect for him that she doesn’t resent him. Kaeya, the Cavalry Captain of the Knights of Favonius, even says he appreciates the Grand Master’s attitude.

Moreover, Varka is not only known for his strength. He’s also known for his heart. Jovial and oftentimes carefree, the current Grand Master is known for his helpful and non-discriminatory nature.

It was him who brought Rosaria to Mondstadt. Formerly a skilled killer from a family of bandits wiped out by the Knights, Rosaria was given another chance for redemption and is now a nun at the Church of Favonius.


He also accepted Eula to the Knights of Favonius despite her being a descendant of the tyrannical Lawrence Clan that once ruled over the city.

Lastly, the Grand Master met Razor in Wolvendom and taught the latter how to fight with claymores.

As for Varka‘s appearance, no official art has been released yet, but Razor‘s stories and voice lines suggest that he is very tall.

It’s been a long time since we first heard about Varka, but without us actually meeting him makes him a very mysterious character. If you’re wondering whether he’s going to be playable, you might want to check out our leaks for Varka here.

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