Genshin Impact: Who is the Regrator?

Last Updated on: 27th June 2022, 03:47 pm

The Fatui Harbingers are held as some of the future enemies the Traveler will have to inevitably face during its search for the lost sibling, and among them is the Regrator, but who is he? Similar to Scaramouche or La Signora, his schemes have been around from behind the shadows from the very beginning of the game.

The Regrator is also known as Pantalone, a name derivated from the Italian commedia dell’arte as it has been with all of the other Harbingers.

The word “Regrator” refers to a merchant who buys commodities and other goods in order to sell them later for some good profit. In other others, a rich person. And such a title fits well with this character.

The following will contain some spoilers from the game, in particular from Yelan’s Story Quest and from her Character Stories. 

Who is the Regrator?

Pantalone is the 9th of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers, and is a rich person who’s currently in charge of Snezhnaya’s economical policies, according to an NPC in the Northern Bank in Liyue. Yelan’s recent story quest also revealed that he was involved in the Fatui plan to control the Qixing from the inside.

who is the regrator bank
Credit: Hoyoverse

Regrator is simply his Fatui alias, just like “Balladeer” is Scaramouche’s alias or “Childe” is Tartaglia’s. The Pantalone in the commedia dell’arte has a high social position, is greedy, and uses his influence to interfere with other’s business. 

Depending on the version, the Pantalone could be the father of one of the Innamorati (another character, with seemly no counterpart in Genshin yet), or even be married to La Signora. But is very likely that Hoyoverse decided to follow a different route for his character, given what we know about both him and Signora.

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The Pale Flame Artifact set is famous for containing lore for some of the Harbingers such as La Signora and Scaramouche. Its Sands of Time talks about Pantalone himself, revealing details about his past.

Credit: Hoyoverse

Born in poverty and never having received a vision, he decided to chase wealth as a way to rebel against the gods’ powers. This makes it easy to imagine how he rose up in the Fatui ranks, as a rebellion against Celestia itself seems to be Tsaritsa’s main goal. He currently doesn’t have any in-game appearance but is referenced by some NPCs.

He often uses money as a way to get whatever he wants, and it was actually him who booked the entire Goth Hotel in Mondstadt as the Fatui were displeased with the accommodation given by the Knight of Favorious. 

He has an associate set in the Wangshun Inn in Liyue, who has an idle quote directly citing Pantalone after you complete his World Quest. Landa poses as a Mondstadt merchant and is probably looking for a way to ruin its wine industry. Too late, Diona’s already doing that.

How are the Regrator and Yelan connected?

In the final act of Yelan’s Story Quest, we learn that the Fatui were directly involved in the Tianshu succession as Zhiyi’s sponsors. The Regrator himself was involved, but considered it only a “peripheral concern”. This was enough to give Yelan a hint of where to start her next mission.

But this wasn’t the first time she and the Harbinger crossed paths. In Yelan’s story “The Fascinating Bracelet and the Windsilk Mantle”, we learn that the robe she uses around her back was actually obtained from the Regrator himself.

The robe is made from the fur of an ancient mystical beast and was meant to be a gift from the Regrator to Tsaritsa. After learning of a secret trade route run by him, she intercepted some of the goods, which included the robe. The Regrator must have been mad at the time.

who is the regrator yelan
Credit: Hoyoverse

She now uses the robe as a symbol of her victory over the Fatui, but also as compensation, since she originally had two bracelets. One of them was lost during this mission, which led to her getting the robe and even customizing it to her own style. 

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When is Pantalone coming to Genshin Impact?

Recent leaks show that we should meet another Harbinger in person soon, something that could happen in Sumeru. Pantalone’s one of the candidates, as he has received some exposure in the last few patches.

who is the regrator featured

But as is been stated, the Regrator is currently in Snezhnaya, and unless something important happens, he doesn’t seem to be someone who would simply travel to another region just because.

Something that we should expect is that he and Yelan will meet once again, as they seem to keep crossing into each other repeatedly. But it might take a while before he actually appears in game and even more for him to become playable.

It’s been over a year and a half since we got Childe, and we still don’t know anything about when Scaramouche might come, so we might as well just wait for more official (and extra-official) information on the next Harbinger.