Genshin Impact: Who is Hu Tao? Meet The Rumored Next Playable Character

Genshin Impact Hu Tao Featured

The new 1.3 update for Genshin Impact is already here, officially releasing Xiao as a playable character, giving travellers the ability to exorcise any demon that decides to test the mighty Yaksha. But even though Xiao’s arrival took the community to the skies, the absence of the rumoured HuTao in the new version threw cold water in many who were ready to invest in the character. 

But as some players already found out, even though the new character wasn’t officially revealed, her name card is already available in the game.

But Who Is Hu Tao? 

Little is know about her since she still hasn’t made her first appearance in-game, but Hu Tao is the 77th Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor, know in all of Lyrue for her pranks and joyful personality, as well as her bizarre ideas. She is also mentioned a few times through the story, mainly by Zhongli, who is a counselor for the Parlor, and by Qiqi, on her character page, since the girl is always trying to bury her.

Genshin Impact Hu Tao Key Art
Credit: MiHoYo

According to leaks that started to surface around the release of the Ver. 1.2 update, from the game’s closed beta tests, she will be a 5-Star polearm user of the Pyro element and will be focused on buffing her damage by an amount of her maximum HP, and in embuing then with Pryo, this way, it looks like we will be having another character besides Diluc, who will benefit greatly from the Crimson Witch of Flames Set

Since the first leak, a lot more was leaked, from the character details, to her idle animations, to her combat moves, to her splash art, which made her win over the hearts of many fans, a fact that can be shown on her Reddit dedicated page r/HuTao_Mains, with already has more than 15 thousand members.

Also cording to leaks, she will be voiced by Rie Takahashi, that’s right, Megumin herself. 

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Hu Tao is rumored to be released as the final banner of the Ver 1.3 of the game, after the Keqing one, which will be released on February 17. So save your primos!  

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