Genshin Impact: Where to find Sea Ganoderma

Genshin impact - Where to find Sea Ganoderma

Sea Ganoderma is a Local Specialty in the Inazuma region of Genshin Impact. Folktales say that this plant species is the transformed soul of a child who died at an early age.

If you want to know where you can find this mysterious Local Specialty, we’ll let you know in this article.

“A plant species that only grows in certain regions and islands of the ocean. Though it looks like a fungus of some sort, it actually comes from a substance secreted by certain soft-bodied organisms.”

– Item description
Genshin Impact - Sea Ganoderma
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Sea Ganoderma locations in Genshin Impact

There are several ways to obtain a Sea Ganoderma in Genshin Impact. It can be found in the wild, purchased, planted in your garden, and even obtained for free!


As a Local Specialty, Sea Ganoderma can generally be found in Inazuma. Specifically, most of them can be found growing on beaches and tidal flats throughout the said nation.

Among all the islands in Inazuma, Kannazuka and Seirai Island notably have the most of this plant species.

Check out the map below for Sea Ganoderma‘s exact locations in Kannazuka:

Genshin Impact - Sea Ganoderma - Kannazuka
Credit: HoYoverse

Check out the map below for Sea Ganoderma‘s exact locations on Seirai Island:

Genshin Impact - Sea Ganoderma - Seirai Island
Credit: HoYoverse

Although fewer than on the previously mentioned islands, you can also find this Local Specialty on the other islands in Inazuma. Check out the maps below for Sea Ganoderma‘s exact locations on Narukami Island, Yashiori Island, Watatsumi Island, and Tsurumi Island.

Lastly, you can find a few in Enkanomiya:

Credit: HoYoverse


You can buy this Local Specialty from Obata in Ritou, Inazuma for up to 5 times per reset, occurring every three days. This will run you Mora x1000 for each purchase.


You can grow this Local Specialty on the Orderly Meadow in your Serenitea Pot using Sea Ganoderma Cutting. Note that it takes 2 days and 22 hours for the plant to grow.


If you want to get Sea Ganoderma x 4 for free, you can talk to the NPC Mirai and follow a dialogue branch starting with “Where’s your older brother gone?” She can be found in Borou Village, Inazuma. Note that you can only claim this once.

Sea Ganoderma in ascension

While this Local Specialty currently isn’t used in any recipes for cooking or crafting, it can be used for ascending the following characters:

While you’re here, you might also be interested in grabbing other materials such as Onikabuto and Naku Weed.

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