Genshin Impact: Where to find Raimei Angelfish for the Catch

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Raimei Angelfish are a core ingredient needed to be able to obtain The Catch in Genshin Impact, as well as its refinement materials.

Given that you’ll need this fish for both The Catch (A very good free to play polearm) and Ako’s Sake Vessel, the material used to refine it, knowing where to find this fish is pretty important.

Where to find Raimei Angelfish in Genshin Impact

As mentioned above, Raimei Angelfish are useful for obtaining and refining The Catch polearm, which makes for a great F2P choice on Raiden Shogun, for example – making it quite worthwhile to earn.

Raimei Angelfish are necessary for both The Catch and Akos sake Vessel, the refinement material for The Catch in Genshin Impact.

Akos Sake Vessel in Genshin Impact
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To find these fish, you’ll need to head to the wrecked ship off the coast of Tatarasuma island in Inazuma – this is the only spawn of Raimei Angelfish in the entire game at the moment, so you don’t have any other options.

Raimei Angelfish location
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To get there, find your way (or teleport) to the beacon shown above, then grab a boat from the Waverider spawn point – even if you could swim that far, trust me, you’ll want the boat.

Why, you might be wondering? The water is electrified around the wreckage. Meaning that swimming there will kill you, pretty fast. The boat is fortunately immune to the effect, making it the far more viable travel method.

Taking the boat in Genshin Impact
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When you’ve sailed over, you’ll want to head to the central platform of the wreckage – there will be Ice slimes nearby that you should be careful with, as fighting them here is awkward. There may also be an Electro Abyss mage – though he is easily drowned once you take down his shield due to the nature of fighting on a small platform.

When you arrive and have dealt with these immediate threats, you’ll need to adjust your time to night time for them to spawn, meaning between 6pm and 6am – otherwise they simply will not appear.

Raimei Angelfish fishing in genshin impact
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If you’ve adjusted your time correctly, you’ll be met with a few Raimei Angelfish making an appearance for you – you’ll need a lot of these to obtain and fully refine The Catch, so you might even want to ask around on your friends list if you can take some fish from worlds belonging to your friends to complete it sooner.

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Is there anything else?

That’s all you need to know on where to find Raimei Angelfish in Genshin Impact, best of luck with your fishing Travellers.

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