Genshin Impact: Where to find Kalpalata Lotus

Genshin Impact - Where to find Kalpalata Lotus

Sumeru has some of the most interesting plants in Teyvat. The Forest Watcher and researcher Tighnari even comments that the region named its plants wrong. For one, he says that the Kalpalata Lotus isn’t actually a lotus.

Although its name has “lotus” in it, the Kalpalata Lotus is a flower from vines growing on the region’s cliffsides. While it does resemble its namesake plant, it shares no other qualities or properties with it.

“Flowers from vines that grow on cliff sides. It is called a lotus only because it has a similar appearance to one. Aside from that, it bears no other similar properties to the lotus.”

Kalpalata Lotus description
Genshin Impact - Kalpalata Lotus
Credit: HoYoverse

Look no further if you’re wondering where you can find a few of these plants. We’ll also tell you its uses.

Kalpalata Lotus locations and recommended farming areas in Genshin Impact

Kalpalata Lotus is a Local Specialty in Sumeru, meaning it can only be found in the region. As mentioned, you can primarily find these flowers in the wild, specifically on the region’s cliffsides. You can also buy some from one shop.


Below are the locations of this Local Specialty all over Sumeru.

Genshin Impact - Nahida's Ascension Materials and locations - Kalpalata Lotus locations on the map
Credit: HoYoverse

If you only need a few of these flowers and want a quick farming route, our recommended location is south of Yasna Monument. A couple of them are very close to a Teleport Waypoint, making it hard for you to miss them. You can get a total of fourteen (14) Kalpalata Lotuses this way.


Genshin Impact - Kalpalata Lotus - Yasna Monument Farming Location
Credit: HoYoverse


You can also buy some Kalpalata Lotuses from Aramani in Vanarana. Take note that you can only find Aramani in the dream version of Vanarana. Accessing this requires you to complete the world quest called The World of Aranara, a part of the Aranyaka series of world quests.

This Local Specialty costs Mora x1000.  You can buy up to 5 times per reset, which takes place every three days.



As of writing, no recipes or craftable items require this flower. However, this Local Specialty is used as an ascension material for the 4-star Electro character Dori. According to leaks, the upcoming 5-star Dendro character Nahida will also use this as her ascension material. If you want to know Nahida’s other ascension materials, check out our Nahida’s Ascension Materials Guide here.

Genshin impact - Nahida - Kusanali - Nahida's skills
Credit: HoYoverse

So far, no weapons require this Local Specialty for Ascension.

Farming Tip

If you happen to have Tighnari, put him on your team. His Utility Passive Encyclopedic Knowledge allows him to mark Local Specialties in Sumeru on your mini-map.

Genshin Impact - Tighnari picking Mushroom
Credit: HoYoverse

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