Genshin Impact: Where to Find Cup of Commons

Cup of Commons is a Quest Item found in The Chasm acquired by completing the Undetected Infiltration quest. Cup of Commons is one of the offerings needed for The Millennial Mountains World Quest

“One of the six lost offerings scattered throughout The Chasm. Neither stone nor gem, it somehow still became part of the Treasure Hoarders’ loot hoard. 

It has been filled by turns with fine wine, fair treasure, and blood. Now, its previous shame has been washed away, and it is ready to take on new memories.” 

Cup of Commons Item Description 

In this guide, you will learn how to unlock the Undetected Infiltration quest, how to complete it, and the rewards you’ll get. 

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How to Unlock Undetected Infiltration 

You can only participate in the Undetected Infiltration quest if: 

  • You finished the Surreptitious Seven-Star Seal quest. 
  • Your Adventure Rank is at least 30. 

How to Complete Undetected Infiltration 

  1. Talk to Yanbo at the Smuggler’s Camp. Please see the map below: 
Credit: HoYoverse
  1. Navigate to the Logistic Camps indicated on your map. 
  1. Defeat the Treasure Hoarders
  1. Report back to Yanbo who is now wearing a Millelith Uniform. 

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Rewards: Cup of Commons and more 

After completing the quest, a Precious Chest will be unlocked nearby.  

You will find the Cup of Commons here.  

Moreover, you will get the rewards below:

  • Adventure EXP x 350 
  • Primogems x 40 
  • Hero’s Wit x 3 
  • Mystic Enhancement Ore x 6 
  • Mora x 30,000 

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