Genshin Impact: What we’ve heard about Fontaine in-game so far


Fontaine is one of the seven nations in Teyvat. Currently, in Genshin Impact version 2.7, we have already travelled to three nations which include Mondstadt, Liyue, and Inazuma.

While our next destination is Sumeru and Fontaine seems to be a couple of versions away, we have already heard bits and pieces about it in the game. In this article, we will talk about some of the things that we have heard about Fontaine in Genshin Impact so far.

Note that we’re talking about the things that we’ve heard about Fontaine in-game, not leaks about the said nation.

Without further ado, we’ll start from the most common things that we know about the said nation. Read further and you might learn something new about Fontaine!

1. Fontaine is presided over by the Hydro Archon.

Like the other previous nations that the Traveler has gone to, Fontaine is presided over by a God, but we don’t know the current Hydro Archon’s name yet. Mondstadt is under Barbatos, although he doesn’t really control the nation as he is the God of Freedom. Rex Lapis has been the God of Liyue for a very long time until—spoiler alert if you’re new to the game—he faked his own death and assumed his human form Zhongli. Lastly, Inazuma is under Beelzebul.

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2. Fontaine is associated with the Hydro element.

Since Fontaine is presided over by the Hydro Archon, it only follows that the nation is associated with the Hydro element like how Mondstadt is associated with Anemo, Liyue with Geo, and Inazuma with Electro. This means that the Traveler will have a new set of Hydro skills when Fontaine becomes available.

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3. The Kamera comes from Fontaine.

The item Kamera originated from Fontaine. This was stated by the NPC Xu when giving the Traveler the Snapshots world quest.

Credit: HoYoVerse/TheClick.GG

4. Dressing up in Fontaine is pretty common.

According to Francis, an NPC that appears in Liuli Pavilion and Xinyue Kiosk in Liyue, their sense of fashion in Fontaine might be showy for other nations. Francis wears a top hat, vest, and bowtie.

“My home is a country that reveres true beauty and elegance. Some people from other countries may find our dress sense showy and impractical, but for us there is nothing more commonplace.”

Fontaine according to NPC Francis
Credit: HoYoVerse

5. Fontaine appears to be inspired by France.

Based on how people from Fontaine dress up, the nation seems to take inspiration from France (c.1910). It is also important to note that Fontaine means “fountain” in French, befitting the element associated with the said nation.

6. Citizens in Fontaine allegedly travel along the sky.

During the world quest International Travel Log, NPC Midori claims that Fontaine has a unique rail system that people can use to travel along the sky. This was written in Ramsay’s diary, but it later turns out that most of what he’s written is fictional.

Based on what people in the game say, it looks like Fontaine in Genshin Impact is a beautiful place. Are you excited to go to Fontaine?

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