Genshin Impact: What is a Shrine of Depths? How do you open them?

Shrine of Depths in Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact has structures known as a Shrine of Depths scattered across the world, but how can you open them, and should you bother?

What is a Shrine of Depths in Genshin Impact?

A Shrine of Depths is a large stone structure will elemental barriers with appearance varying by region. They’re hard to miss when they’re nearby, but when you explicitly go looking for them they can be a bit harder to stumble on to.

These Shrines contain a luxurious chest each, which makes them well worth looting – given you’re looking at 40 Primogems a time too, on top of the contents of the chest.

Shrine of Depths in Genshin Impact
Credit: miHoYo, The Click

An example of an Electro Shrine is shown above, which is the type you’d find in Inazuma.

How do you open them in Genshin Impact?

Opening a Shrine of Depths needs a key each time. These keys are consumable, and in short supply, there are precisely enough keys to open all of the Shrines in each region, and fortunately no ways to waste a key so you cannot miss out on them.

Finding the keys is a different story though, as the obtainment methods wildly vary. Some are awarded by the large Sakura tree in Inazuma, some by clearing specific domains and others still are quest rewards.

To make matters slightly more complex, the keys much like the Shrines themselves are region-specific. Only an Inazuman depths shrine key will work on an Inazuman Shrine of depths.

That’s all there is to the shrine of depths in Genshin Impact as of patch version 2.5 at least. With that said, make sure to keep an eye out for our Genshin coverage to see upcoming leaks, codes and other new content in our dedicated Genshin Impact section, and you can always find more general gaming content on our home page.