Genshin Impact Version 1.4 – Venti, Childe Reruns Announced, Rosaria Confirmed

Genshin 1.4 Venti

Today, during the CN version of the Special Program for Genshin Impact’s Ver 1.4, miHoYo revealed that Venti, the Anemo Anchor, and the first 5-star character to be featured in a banner after launch, will star in the first banner of the new version.

It was also revealed that Childe will also come back and star in this version’s second banner.

Venti, Childe, and Rosaria will be featured in Genshin Impact’s Ver 1.4.

You can check out Genshin Impact’s Version 1.4 official trailer below.

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This features a preview of the main event, new characters chapters, more of Rosaria, and the new events.

Version 1.4 will be released on March 17, after the end of the current Hu Tao banner.

Genshin Impact was released in September of last year, for the PlayStation 4, mobile devices, and PC. You can see the games official synopsis below:

”You and your sibling travelled to Teyvat from another world. Separated on arrival, and now stranded here, you set about searching for answers from The Seven — the gods of each element.

Joined by Paimon, a kind-hearted sprite guide, your mission takes you through beautiful forests, bustling towns, and treacherous dungeons. And while your journey may put you into the path of merciless foes and fiendish puzzles you can count on over 30 playable allies to join your custom party of four, harnessing the power of the elements to overcome all obstacles.

Along the way, you will freely explore this wondrous world, join forces with a diverse range of characters, and unravel the countless mysteries that Teyvat holds.”

The English version of this announcement will be released later today and you will be able to watch it on miHoYo’s official Youtube Channel. 

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You can watch the whole CN version now, though, on Genshin Impact’s official Bilibili profile.

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