Genshin Impact: Upcoming Ayaka skin receives new information

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It’s been a while since new outfits were introduced to Genshin Impact. With no new skins announced for 3.1 and a possible focus on the new TCG mode, it might take a while for anyone in the cast to receive some new clothing. But some information on the possible upcoming Ayaka skin might have just been revealed.

The heir to the Kamisato Clan was speculated to be receiving a new skin a few months ago alongside Lisa, but nothing was ever concrete, and it could just be passed as rumors.

Turns out that we finally got some extra crumbles on that old info, indicating that the upcoming Ayaka skin is still a possibility and would break the trend of only non-limited characters being the ones to receive new outfits. That is, if this leaked information is correct, as it’s all subject to change. So take it with your usual grain of salt.

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Info on an upcoming Ayaka skin

The first rumors about the skin were spread by BLANK, in which he mentioned that Mero would be the one to announce it when they get more concrete information on it. But it was Hxg_Diluc, the same leaker who originally gave us the first Diluc skin crumbles, who actually had something to say about it.

The information also states the skin to be “homely”, so expect soft vibes from it if this ends up being correct.

As other users pointed out, it’s possible that her skin is based around (or at least somewhat similar to) her visuals during the Hey Tea Collaboration event, featuring her and her older brother in school uniforms.

Genshin Impact x Hey Tea - Ayato and Ayaka in school uniforms
Credits: Hey Tea, Hoyoverse

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But if the upcoming Ayaka skin is indeed real and has the aforementioned theme, it will probably be more unique. 

Of the many collabs Genshin Impact had throughout its history (and there has been a lot of them recently), almost every single one of them had at least one character featured in promotional art in clothing related to the establishment said collab is happening. But none of these visuals was made into real skins in the game.

This could be the first opportunity for a change, but it’s very unlikely to be the case. But if this school uniform skin gets released, it will be the first skin not to be related to lore or events, being made for pure fanservice.

It would also be the first skin to be released for a limited character and indicates that Ayaka could have another rerun anytime so players can actually use her new cosmetic. But as she was featured for way too long during the content lull between versions 2.6 and 2.7, she may still be miles away.

What about Lisa?

When the Ayaka skin was firstly announced, Lisa was mentioned as the 4-star to get a new skin alongside her. As both skins were speculated to be released after Sumeru’s debut and Lisa has studied in its Akademiya, the info felt genuine.

ayaka and lisa skins 2
Credit: Hoyoverse

Skins don’t necessarily need to belong to the same event, as evidenced by Diluc and Fischl’s skins back in 2.8, so people believed both could be obtained separately. But in the end, no mentions of Lisa or her possible skin were made. It was either misinformation about her getting a skin or there’s nothing new discovered about it. 

There is also no release date for either of the future skins, and they might not even be the next ones to be released. Only time will tell.

Genshin Impact is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, iOS, and Android.

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