Genshin Impact ‘The Path of Papers’ Guide: How to unlock, find Niloofar, and complete the world quest

Genshin Impact - The Path of Papers - Paimon, Traveler, Alrani, Narzam

The Path of Papers is one of the several world quests in Genshin Impact that will help increase your Reputation Level in Sumeru. This quest revolves around Alrani, the Akademiya student you first met in Liyue and later in Inazuma.

If you’re wondering how you can start The Path of Papers, complete it, and what rewards are in store for you, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll tell you everything that you need to know about this world quest.

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How to unlock and complete ‘The Path of Papers’ in Genshin Impact

As a continuation of Alrani‘s story, The Path of Papers will require you to first complete the Fertilizer… Salesperson? world quest that takes place in Borou Village, Inazuma. If you have already completed said quest, follow the steps below.

STEP 1: Talk to Niloofar, Alrani‘s mentor. Niloofar can be found near the Teleport Waypoint at the Akademiya. She will tell you how Alrani went missing when the latter learned that the thesis she wrote didn’t pass the preliminary review. While the paper was written very well, it was submitted a little too late, most probably because of The Sakoku Decree in Inazuma.

Again, note that you will not be able to find Niloofar in the area if you have not completed Fertilizer… Salesperson? first.

STEP 2: Look for Alrani on the location marked on your in-game map. This should be south of Caravan Ribat and west of Ruins of Dahri.

STEP 3: Defeat the Treasure Hoarders in the area. They will then tell you that Alrani is indeed with them. However, it’s because she insisted to be held captive and even paid for such treatment.


STEP 4: Go to where the Treasure Hoarders kept Alrani and talk to her. This area will be marked on your map. Here, you will find a Treasure Hoarder named Narzam, who appears to have a taste for knowledge and respect for learned people.

Genshin Impact - The Path of Papers - Alrani in a cage
Credit: HoYoverse, TheClick

Narzam will say that you can take Alrani back, but the latter will not have it. Alrani will say that she doesn’t want to write papers anymore, weeping and saying she paid the hoarders to be in her current position. She will then give you a note to take back to Niloofar.

STEP 5: Report back to Niloofar. She still wants Alrani to return, but she will say she wouldn’t be so worried if Alrani is with Narzam. The quest will end here and you should be able to unlock the Answer Time achievement.

Genshin Impact - The Path of Papers - Answer Time achievement - Kokomi
Credit: HoYoverse, TheClick

While The Path of Papers has already ended, it seems like we’ll meet Alrani again in our future adventures!

Rewards for ‘The Path of Papers’

Below are the rewards for The Path of Papers:

  • Hero’s Wit x3
  • Adventure EXP x150
  • Mora x20,000

Additionally, if you go to Effendi in Sumeru City, you can claim Sumeru Reputation Points x 20.

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game developed by miHoyo, also known as HoYoverse. The game is available for PC, PS4, PS5, iOS, and Android, while a release on Nintendo Switch is currently in the works

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