Genshin Impact Shikanoin Heizou revealed as upcoming Anemo character

Genshin Impact Shikanoin Heizou

Last Updated on: 25th June 2022, 05:42 am

Genshin Impact has an ever-expanding roster of playable characters. With over 40 current ones in the roster and two new ones coming to the indefinitely delayed Version 2.7, the popular RPG’s developer, HoYoverse, has officially revealed yet another addition to look forward to. 

After months of speculation, players of the commercially successful RPG are confirmed to eventually get their hands on the new playable character Shikanoin Heizou. 

In a tweet, the official twitter account of Genshin Impact revealed the playable character, saying: 

Shikanoin Heizou ? Analytical Harmony  

Detective of the Tenryou Commission  

A young detective from the Tenryou Commission. Free-spirited and unruly, but cheerful and lively. 


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Moreover, the official account quoted Kamisato Ayato to give players an idea of Shikanoin Heizou’s personality.  

“Doushin Shikanoin has admirable wit and insight. While he is unfettered and unrestrained in demeanor, one should not dismiss his talents. The Tenryou Commission is incredibly fortunate to have such a man in their ranks.”

Kamisato Ayato 

Shikanoin Heizou is an Inazuman detective under the Tenryou Commission with seemingly unorthodox investigation methods that, surprisingly, deliver satisfactory results. He was first mentioned in Kamisato Ayaka’s voice-overs and by a distant relative, the shrine maiden NPC Kano Nana.  

While few are officially known about Shikanoin Heizou’s mechanics as a playable character, his official art clearly shows that he has the Anemo Vision which can be exciting considering the current number of Anemo characters in-game. 

Credit: HoYoverse

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Other than that, more details about him are currently based on rumors and leaks provided by some of the most reliable leakers in the Genshin Impact community. 

According to Lumie, Shikanoin Heizou will be the first male catalyst user. 

As for his rarity and release, Ubatcha says that he is a 4-star character to be released in Version 2.8. 

However, like all leaks, fans should take these details with a grain of salt. 

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game developed by miHoyo, now HoYoverse. It’s available for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, Android, iOS, and PlayStation 5 while a release on Nintendo Switch is currently in the works