Genshin Impact Radiant Spincrystal: Where to find and how to use them

Genshin Impact Radiant Spincrystals

Radiant Spincrystal is an item that can be used to unlock new Realm Music to play in the Serenitea Pot, basically allowing you to change the music you hear while inside the realm. 

While most of them can be purchased from the Teapot Traveling Salesman Chubby, some of them can be found in the open world in MondstadtLiyue, and Inazuma

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Where to Find Radiant Spincrystal 

Each Radiant Spincrystal has a specific number and soundtrack. Below is a list of all Radiant Spincrystals, their soundtracks, and locations. 

As for those that can be purchased from Chubby, note that some of them are not available unless certain quests have been completed. 

You may also check out the Teyvat Interactive Map for each of the Radiant Spincrystals‘ specific locations. 

Radiant Spincrystal Sountrack Source 
Dawn Winery Theme (City of Winds and Idylls) Dawn Winery Manor 
A Sweet Smile Chubby 
Lone Sojourner Dawn Winery Manor 
A Day in Mondstadt City of Mondstadt 
The Edge of the Prairie Chubby 
A Tale of Two Dragons Chubby 
Happy Journey Chubby 
Legend of the Wind Chubby 
Bustling Afternoon in Mondstadt Chubby 
10 Dusk in Mondstadt Chubby 
11 Mondstadt Starlit City of Mondstadt 
12 Moonlight in Mondstadt Chubby 
13 Another Day in Mondstadt Chubby 
14 Windborne Hymn Favonius Cathedral 
15 Knights of Favonius (Soundtrack) Knights of Favonius Headquarters 
16 Angel’s Share Angel’s Share 
17 A Happy Day Chubby 
18 Tender Strength Chubby 
19 Before Dawn, at the Winery Dawn Winery Manor 
20 Whispering Plain Chubby 
21 A New Day with Hope Chubby 
22 Eternal Anamnesis (Genshin Impact Main Theme Var.) Chubby 
23 Journey of Hope (Genshin Impact Main Theme Var.) Chubby 
24 Sun Rises in Liyue Liyue Harbor 
25 Good Night, Liyue Chubby 
26 Call It a Day in Liyue Liyue Harbor 
27 Clear Sky Over Liyue Liyue Harbor 
28 Cozy Leisure Time Wangshu Inn 
29 Winding River Chubby 
30 Mild Waves Chubby 
31 Rhythm Amidst the Reeds Chubby 
32 Flows of Jade-Like Water Wangshu Inn 
33 Flow of Mildness Chubby 
34 Vague Whispers Wangshu Inn 
35 Legends Swept Away Chubby 
36 Plain of Nostalgia Chubby 
37 Rhythms From the Conch Chubby 
38 Peaceful Hike (Qingce Daytime) Qingce Village 
39 The Fading Stories (Qingce Night) Qingce Village 
40 Above the Sea of Clouds Chubby 
41 Rainbow at Summit Chubby 
42 Red Leaf on the Chessboard Chubby 
43 Slumbering Lore Chubby 
44 Lost Expectation Chubby 
45 The Realm Within (Soundtrack) Chubby 
46 Sojourner’s Sweet Dream (Wangshu Night) Chubby 
47 Miko’s Night Grand Narukami Shrine 
48 Streets of Elegance Statue of the Omnipresent God 
49 The Land of Her Serenity Inazuma City 
50 The Mysterious Islands Chinju Forest 
51 Everlasting Devotion Chubby 
52 Kitsune’s Mask Chinju Forest 
53 Hanachirusato (Soundtrack) Kamisato Estate 
54 Time to Say Farewell Kamisato Estate 
55 Flickering Sakura Chubby 
56 Murmuring Creek Chinju Forest 
57 Scarred Island Chubby 
58 Silent Testimony Chubby 
59 Island of Hanabi Chubby 
60 Preparation of Matsuri Chubby 
61 Illuminated Coral Palace Chubby 
62 A Tranquil Town Chubby 
63 In a Harmonious Atmosphere Chubby 
64 Island of Crystal and Pearl Chubby 
65 Misty Truth Chubby 
66 Sorrows of Strays Chubby 
67 Ruu’s Melody Chubby 
68 Roaming in Silence Chubby 
69 Echoes of Solitude Chubby 
70 Dirge of the Soundless Chubby 
71 Nothing but Ivy Chubby 
72 Forgotten Epic Chubby 

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How to Use Radiant Spincrystal 

Realm Music can be accessed from the Furnishings Euphonium Unbound: Winding and Euphonium Unbound: Soaring

If you still do not have these, you can purchase them from Tubby’s Realm Depot

Once you have them, you simply have to place them in your Serenitea Pot and interact with them. 

Now, you can play a variety of songs in your Serenitea Pot. Surely, one of them should suit your taste. 

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