Genshin Impact: Purple Sakura lies sparse Floral Courtyard solution

Floral Courtyard Sakura lies sparse solution genshin impact

Today’s Inadori Festival event in Genshin Impact is the Floral Courtyard, and we have the solution for today’s Purple Sakura lies sparse puzzle

The Purple Sakura lies sparse Floral Courtyard solution

The newly added Floral Courtyard section of the Inadori Festival turns out to be something of a flower-arrangement puzzle in Genshin Impact, but the hints provided in the event are turning out to be a bit difficult to translate directly to a solution.

Fortunately, after a brief wait period, Genshin Impact does just tell you the solution for the day – the full solution for the Purple Sakura Lies Sparse puzzle can be seen here for the Floral Courtyard today.

The purple sakura lies spares, the clear sand is fragrant genshin impact
Credit: HoYoverse, The Click

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A written version that may prove easier to parse has been provided below.

Base: Moonlight on Sand

Floral Scene: Swaying Shion

Main Flower: Empty, Not applicable.

Front-left: A short-height Champagne Bloom

Front-centre: A medium-height Champagne Bloom

Front-right: A short-height Champagne bloom

Back-left A medium-height Champagne Bloom

Back-center: A tall-height Champagne Bloom

Back-right: A tall-height Champagne Bloom

Solution to Day one of Floral Courtyard Puzzle, The Purple Sakura lies sparse, the clear sand is fragrant

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Set your flowers up like that and you should be able to solve the Purple Sakura lies sparse version of the Floral Courtyard event in Genshin Impact.

Be careful with the heights, as it’s easy to completely miss the adjustable height option for each individual flower below the flower selection tab to the right-hand side of the screen.

When your flowers are arranged properly, you’ll be able to claim rewards for the day: 40 Primogems and 30000 Mora aren’t a bad deal alone, and we also gain a small number of mid-tier talent books and a new Teapot decoration at the same time.

floral courtyard day one rewards genshin impact
Credit: HoYoverse, The Click

That’s it for day one, but make sure to check back in tomorrow when we’re due another Floral Courtyard puzzle in Genshin Impact, hopefully it’ll be a slightly easier one than the Sakura lies sparse one we got today.

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