Genshin Impact: HoYoLAB offers free rewards for daily check in

First login bonus to HoyoLab rewards

Genshin Impact login rewards are useful bonuses supplied by HoYoLAB, and now you can collect them daily via the HoYoLAB app, with reminders.

You might have actually already heard about the HoYoLAB login rewards from another article I wrote, and you may know about the app from another story from us. However, did you know you could collect them directly from the app and completely avoid having to load it up in your browser each day?

The app itself is likely worth grabbing just for the free stuff – you can even get notifications to make sure you check in each day and get every single reward for the month safely – and if that doesn’t interest you enough to keep it long term, you should give it a try for a day at least, given the 100 primogem payout on your first login.

How to grab your Genshin Impact Daily Login rewards through HoYoLAB

First of all, the obvious step; you’ll need to grab the HoYoLAB app itself. It’s available on Android systems and Apple iPhones.

When you’ve got the app set up and logged in to your Genshin Impact / miHoYo account, just hit the second button at the bottom of the screen. This will open the tools section and should be open to Genshin Impact by default if you only play Genshin.

If you’re on the Genshin page immediately, just tap the Paimon icon below the tools header. From here, you can access the interactive map, official notifications and check-in.

A typical month of Hoyolab Genshin Impact Daily Login rewards
Credit: miHoYo

All you need to do from there is hit check-in and you’ll claim your first reward of the month. There’s also a toggle available near the top of this screen that will allow the app to remind you each day to claim your login reward.

It’s up to you if you want that, though the reminder is very useful in making sure you get every last bit of value out of the login reward calendar.

Additionally, if this is your first use of the HoYoLAB check-in rewards, you’ll be granted 100 extra Primogems just for trying it out. You don’t have to use the app for that though, the HoYoLAB website here works just as well.

First login bonus to HoyoLab rewards
Credit: miHoYo

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Is there anything else to know about?

Not really for this one. The Genshin Impact daily login rewards can be obtained without using the app if you want – though the app is simply easier. If you’d like to use it

With this topic now out of the way, if you’d be interested we have much more content about Genshin Impact available here and if you’d like, you can find more of my work here.