Genshin Impact: How to switch your teapot realm style

Genshin Impact Teapot realm layout previews

Genshin Impacts Teapot housing system has various different realm layouts you can use, so here’s how you can switch between the style options.

How to switch your teapot realm style in Genshin Impact

If you’re made it far enough in Genshin Impact to unlock the teapot housing system, you might well be familiar with the fact that you can actually change the realm style your teapot home is located in, even if you don’t know how to do so.

To change the realm style your teapot is currently using, you’ll first need to enter your teapot, using the item in your gadgets screen or by simply teleporting to it. From here, find your main mansion building (the only one you can enter the inside of) and locate Tubby near the front door entrance.

Genshin Impact Teapot realm main menu with Tubby chat
Credit: miHoYo, The Click

Speak to your teapot inhabiting bird and select the Switch Realm Style option in his dialogue prompts, which will take you to the next screen.

Genshin Impact Teapot realm layout previews
Credit: miHoYo, The Click

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From here, you can select based on the various previews available, and then confirm a change choice by hitting the switch button at the bottom of the screen.

Be aware that you do not have access to all teapot styles immediately, so you might need to first increase your total adeptal energy inside the teapot housing system before you can change your personal teapot realms housing style. Placing more decorations is a good way to do this, but be aware that your decorations will not carry over to a new realm unless you can collect them to be placed in the new one all over again.

In any case, that’s all there is to changing your teapot realm style, but you can find more Genshin Impact content such as news, guides and future content leaks in our dedicated Genshin Impact section, and you can find more general gaming content on our home page.