Genshin Impact: How to solve the Electro element anomaly

Genshin Impact Electro Element Anomaly

If you’ve been doing commissions in Inazuma lately, you might have stumbled on to the puzzle commission involving an Electro element anomaly.

It’s not blatantly clear what you’re meant to do here right away, and the commission objective isn’t entirely specific either, but no worries, we’ve got the answers ready for you.

Investigate the Electro Element Anomaly in Genshin Impact

The objective really couldn’t be much vaguer about what you have to do, as investigate may lead you to think you need to look around in the area, perhaps with Elemental vision – or just find something nearby responsible for causing the anomalies in the first place.

Nope, not at all. It’s none of those things.

You simply need to find each Electro Element Anomaly in the area and then hit it with an Anemo effect to be rid of it.

using anemo on the electro element anomaly
Credit: miHoYo

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Hit each of the three Electro element anomalies this way and you’ll be rid of them, though they might throw a Hillichurl or two at you when they are blown away by the Anemo ability.

Defeat the Hillichurls and you’ll have successfully cleared this daily commission for your Primogem payout.

After solving the electro anomaly problem, its fight time fight time
Credit: miHoYo

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Is anything else to mention?

Nothing else for this one, the Electro element anomaly commission is a pretty quick one when you actually know what to do, its just pretty damn vague the first time you see it.

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