Genshin Impact: How to prepare photos of Inazuman regional specialties

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As part of the new Irodori Festival in Genshin Impact, players will be asked to prepare photos of Inazuman regional specialties.

How to prepare photos of Inazuman regional specialties

Regional Specialties are items in Genshin Impact that only appear in a specific region. In other words, they are unique to that area. Lamp grass is a Mondstadt regional speciality, for example.

In Inazuma, there are quite a lot of these unique-to-area items, and this little quest simply requires you to take some photos of them.

To do so, you’ll need to make use of the photo mode in the Genshin Impact pause menu screen. If you simply aim the camera there at one of the items, you’ll get a faint blue box surrounding any applicable regional specialties – provided you haven’t already used a picture of it for the quest so far.

As you’re told pretty much immediately, for this to work you’ll need to take photos of 4 unique items that meet those requirements. That means you can’t just photograph 4 different Sango Pearls, because Sango Pearls will only ever count as one of the requirements needed.

Some examples you can make use of are as follows;

  • Sakura Blooms
  • Onikabuto
  • Naku Weed
  • Amakumo Fruit
  • Dendrobium
  • Sea Ganoderma
  • Crysstal Marrow

And of course, the Sango pearls that I already mentioned.

You only need photos of half of that list to get enough for the quest, so that should be more than enough Inazuman specialties for you to prepare enough photos for this little side activity in Genshin Impact.

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If you’re struggling to find any; Sakura Bloom are scattered all over the first main island of Inazuma, and can easily be found on the grounds surrounding the grand Narukami shrine’s sacred sakura tree.

Naku Weed and Amakumo Fruit can both be found in abundance on the same island as the Thunder Manifestation, and Sango Pearls are dotted near areas with waterfalls on Sangomiya.

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