Genshin Impact “Trails in Tianqiu” Guide: How to complete the world quest

Genshin Impact is filled with quests that will surely have you scratch your head. Most of the time, you’ll find yourself asking “How do I do this and that?” Sometimes quests don’t even seem to give any clues at all, and you’re left on your own without any idea what to do next.

One of the game’s many World Quests is Trails in Tianqiu. After unlocking it, maybe accidentally, you probably no longer have any clue what the next steps are.

Don’t worry! If you want to complete this quest, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll walk you through this article.

Steps for completing “Trails in Tianqiu” in Genshin Impact

Below are the steps to complete Trails in Tianqiu:

Step 1: Unlock the quest by interacting with the Ancient Tablet in the ruins of Tianqiu Valley.

Step 2: Collect Light Actuators from three (3) nearby towers and place them at the center of the ruins. For more details on how you can get the Light Actuators, be sure to check the next section of this article.

Genshin Impact - Trails in Tianqiu - collect light actuators
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Step 3: Treasure Hoarders will appear after gathering all three (3) Light Actuators. Defeat them.

Genshin Impact - Trails in Tianqiu - Defeat the Treasure Hoarders
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Step 4: Collect the treasure from three (3) Luxurious Chests!

Genshin Impact - Trails in Tianqiu - Open the Luxurious Chests
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Where to find Light Actuators

The three (3) Light Actuators, which are needed to complete Trails in Tianqiu, can be found inside the towers/buildings nearby. However, you can only get them after completing puzzles and time-trial challenges.

In the North Tower, you will need to solve Torch Puzzles on each floor. If you want to know how to solve each puzzle, check out our “Trails in Tianqiu” Torch Puzzle Guide here.

Genshin Impact - Trails in Tianqiu - Torch puzzles
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In the South Tower, you will need to defeat enemies within a limited time. Below are the enemies for each challenge:

First Floor– 3 Rock Shield Hilichurl Guards
– 1 Electro Hilichurl Shooter
Note: These enemies are buffed by an Electro infusion stone nearby which you can destroy.
Second Floor– 2 Large Pyro Slimes
– 1 Pyro Hilichurl Shooter
– 1 Pyro Hilichurl Grenadier
– 1 Hilichurl Berserker
Note: These enemies are buffed by a Pyro infusion stone nearby which you can destroy.
Third Floor– 1 Hydro Abyss Mage
– 1 Large Cryo Slime
– 1 Large Hydro Slime
– 2 Cryo Hilichurl Shooters
Note: These enemies are buffed by a Cryo infusion stone nearby which you can destroy.

To complete these challenges, make sure to modify your party to counter the enemies. For example, bringing at least one Pyro character for the Third Floor challenge is vital for defeating the the Cryo Slime in time. If you want a refresher, you can check out our guide for elemental reactions here.

Genshin Impact - Trails in Tianqiu - South Tower Time-trial Challenges
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Lastly, in the West Tower, you will need to reach the top floor within 60 seconds to get the Light Actuator. You will not be able to climb the tower normally due to obstacles on the way. Instead, you will need to place Geo Constructs strategically to reach the top. If you want to complete this challenge easily, be sure to check out our guide on how you can reach the top floor of the West Tower here.

Credit: HoYoverse, TheClick

That’s how you complete the Trails in Tianqiu World Quest. We hope that we have helped you in your adventures!

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