Genshin Impact: How Old is Bennett?


One of the youngest playable characters in Genshin ImpactBennett was born on February 29th and is 16 years old. He is also one of the few young adventurers of the Mondstadt’s Adventurers’ Guild

As he is a leap year baby, Bennett celebrates his birthday on February 28 on non-leap years. Because of this, some would argue that he’s only 4 years old. 

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Bennett’s Lore 

“A righteous and good-natured adventurer from Mondstadt who’s unfortunately extremely unlucky.” 

In-game character attributes and profile page text 
Credit: HoYoverse

Bennett is an orphan discovered by an elderly adventurer as a baby and was raised in Mondstadt’s Adventurers’ Guild.  

He is a member of the team called “Benny’s Adventure Team.” However, he’s currently the one and only member. This is because Bennett is notorious for being extremely unlucky. And while he did have teammates, they all have already left the team after experiencing a series of misfortunes that seem to follow him.  

Even so, Katheryne of the Adventurers’ Guild has kept “Benny’s Adventure Team” on the guild’s records. Not wanting to break the young adventurer’s heart, she hid the fact that all the other members have long since officially left. 

Despite all this, Bennett remains optimistic and hardworking. He has a couple of things to be thankful for. For one, his “dads”—the old and retired veterans from the Guild—have not given up on him. He also believes that his Vision is a sign from the gods that they have not given up on him either.

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Benett’s Appearance 

Due to his terrible luck, Bennett is covered in scars.  

He is 5’3″/161cm tall and a slim yet well-built young man with pale ash-grey hair, light tan skin, and bright green eyes. 

As for his outfit, he wears cuffed navy shorts and a sleeveless cream-colored jacket. He also wears his goggles on his head most of the time.