Genshin Impact: Eula build and weapons guide

Last Updated on: 11th July 2021, 08:32 pm

Here we’ll learn how to build Eula, the Spindrift Knight. She was released in Genshin Impact version 1.5, and immediately became one of the most popular characters in the game during that period, both because of her dazzling animations and her insane multipliers. Her Elemental Burst, in particular, can reach incredibly high numbers with no elemental reactions needed.

If you were lucky enough to get her, being either with your hard earned primogems or your hard earned money, now it’s time to build your Eula to be your new strongest carry. Vengeance will be hers!


Getting her to lv 90 is essential for using her to her max potential. For this, you’ll need lots of Experience Books and many different materials. You can use the image below for reference on exact values.

Credit: World of Teyvat

For ascension, you’ll need to farm  the Cryo Hypostasis, for both of his Crystalline Bloom and Shivada Jade Fragments. Also, you’ll need some Dandelion Seeds to use as her final ascension material.

For talents, you must farm the Resistance talent books, available on Forsaken Rift on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays. Her Weekly Boss item is Dragon Lord’s Crown, obtained from Azhdaha, so be sure to bring some shields. The enemy drops you’ll need are the Hilichurl Masks, which can be dropped from any Hilichurl enemy.

If you’re having difficulty finding the enemies or getting some seeds, you can always use the Genshin Impact Interactive Map.

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Talents and combos

Since her strongest point is her Burst, you want to max it first. After that, her normal attacks are your priority, since she’s a main DPS and will be constantly on the field hitting your targets. So your priority is Q > Normals > E. 

Your main combo is tap E > Q > Normal x4 > hold E > Normal until it explodes. This way, we can apply her max E damage, while keeping a great number of hits for stacking her ultimate.

When you don’t have your burst or don’t feel like using it, the way to go is usually tap E > Normals > tap E > Normals > Hold E. This way you’ll get both of your Grimheart stacks to give your hold E the maximum damage.

You should also consider things like canceling her 5th normal with a dash (it has a long animation, not always worth to use) and using her hold E only after using tap E two times (to get the stacks it needs for maximum damage).


eula build weapon
Credit: miHoYo

Eula is very F2P friendly. Two of the Blacksmith weapons, Prototype Archaic and Snow-Tombed Starsilver are great matches for her. The latter in particular also gives her even more physical damage. Blackcliff Slasher, from Paimon’s Shop, is also a great option if you seek more Critical Damage.

But her best 4-star weapon is the Battle Pass Claymore, Serpent Spine. It helps you with the critical rate you need, and does wonders if you have a shield character like Zhongli or Diona in your team.

If you got lucky on the weapon banners, the 5-star Claymores are usually better, though. Her signature weapon, Song of Broken Pines, is her best in slot, but Wolf’s Gravestone and Skyward Pride (specifically for low ER Eula – we’ll get to this part – ) are also incredibly powerful weapons. 

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The most infuriating thing in Genshin is farming good artifacts. The good news is that Eula is fairly easy to build, since she can use many combinations of sets.

Her favorite set is, you’ll have guessed, 4 Pale Flame. Its 4-piece passive is a perfect match for her, and should be your aim if you are seeking for the strongest possible combination.

eula build set
Credit: miHoYo

But we all know the pain that is farming artifacts. While you don’t have your full PF set, you can build Eula with combinations like 2 Pale Flame/Bloodstained Knight + 2 Gladiator or 4 Gladiator.

The main status for each of your pieces should be the following:

Flower – HP

Plume – Attack

Sands – Attack%/Energy Recharge

Goblet – Physical Damage bonus

Circlet – Critical Damage/Rate

Desired substatus – Critical Rate/Damage > Attack% > Energy Recharge

Your main focus is to keep a balance between your critical rate and damage. For this, you can change your weapons or your circlet. A good ratio, for starters, is 50/150 rate/damage. But don’t worry if you can’t get this right away, just farm it patiently and use the best you can get your hands on.

You’ll quickly notice how Eula is energy hungry, so you must also work around that weakness. Usually we compensate this with substats (while not compromising your critical), but you can also use a Cryo character in your team to serve as a battery, use Skyward Pride (if you have it) or just go with the ER Sands. Do notice, though, that an ideal build uses Atk%.

Team comps

eula build team
A team example. Credit: miHoYo

As mentioned before, a Cryo character is a good match for Eula, since you’ll have both an extra energy source and the Cryo resonance, boosting even more your critical rate. So Diona, Qiqi, Kaeya and Rosaria are all contenders.

You should also be using an Electro character to proc Superconductor to help you deal even more physical damage. Fischl, Beidou and Lisa (and soon, Electro Traveler)  all come to mind.

Healers are always mandatory. Bennett in particular is great for that sweet damage boost. You can also go for some utility/sub dps in the form of Zhongli or Albedo.

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In the end, it all comes down to how much fun you get from playing with her. She quickly became one of my favorite characters in the game,and I don’t usually play Claymore characters, but she was an exception.

Damage wise, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed with Eula once you get a good build. She’s strong enough to compensate for the lack of elemental reactions, and serves the DPS role very well. If you like big numbers, you’ll like her. And it’s beautiful to see her literally dancing through the battlefield while her enemies fall one by one.