Genshin Impact Crossover: What Could Be Next?

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While I haven’t played Genshin Impact too much since the launch a while back, even I can’t ignore the massive success of the game. Some news which stirred even myself around to the game was the Genshin Impact crossover with Horizon Zero Dawn, featuring Aloy as a free 5 star unit, and a free 4 star bow for Playstation players. That being said, Aloy was about the last character I’d assume as the first non Honkai crossover character, so here’s my predictions for a future Genshin Impact crossover!

1. Arknights

If I had to take a single shot in the dark for a future Genshin Impact crossover, it’d have to be with the Chinese Gacha/Tower Defense juggernaut that is Arknights. While I ended up dropping the game after a few days myself (sorry bros tower defense just isn’t really my genre), the world, characters, and plot left an early impression and has hooked a number of my closest pals.

Arknights Twitch Art
Credit: Studio Montagne and Hypergryph

While it took Arknights about a year to make its way to non Chinese app stores, the game has experienced huge success in multiple regions, especially the Chinese market very quickly upon release. While the art style and direction is fairly different between Genshin Impact and Arknights, this rarely stopped potential crossovers before, and usually steps are taken to interweave both series as faithfully as possible.

Due in part to their statuses as Chinese Gacha developers and part in both games’ huge success, I foresee this as the most likely crossover.

2. Joker Persona 5

While this has become something of a joke in recent years, it is a staggering truth that Joker from Persona 5 has been making his way into a HUGE amount of other media since his debut in, well, Persona 5. Aside from early appearances in Persona spin off titles such as the Dancing All Night games and Persona Q2, the leader of the Phantom Thieves has snuck his way into tons of collaborations.

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Most famous of these crossovers is undoubtedly his appearance in Super Smash Bros Ultimate, but it’s far from all Joker has appeared in. From MMO giants like Phantasy Star Online 2, Gachas like Puzzle and Dragons as well as Dragalia Lost, and even seemingly unrelated titles like Sonic Forces, it seems Joker can make his way into any game if enough $$$ is on the line.

Credit: Brotel

Especially through his movesets in Persona 5 Strikers and Dragalia Lost, it feels like Joker could easily and faithfully be adapted to Genshin Impact’s style and gameplay.

3. Any Genshin Impact Crossover!

Upon initially writing this article, I was tempted to put another Gacha giant like Fate Grand Order or Granblue Fantasy as the final spot. Thinking about this Horizon Zero Dawn event, though, has me thinking that anything is on the table at this point. While Sony likely had a big part to play, Horizon Zero Dawn would have not even been on my radar for potential Genshin Impact crossovers. I’d naturally assume more, well, anime series to get their chance with the Gacha giant first.

aloy genshin
Credit: Genshin Impact

With the staggering popularity of Genshin Impact, it seems like it truly can cross over with just about anything. I just may have to give the game another try if anything else particularly interesting happens!

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