Genshin Impact: All we know about the new Diluc skin

It’s been a while since we received a new skin in Genshin Impact, but recently we’ve seen some leaks on the upcoming cosmetics for Diluc and Fischl. But this time, Hoyoverse is being more ambitious, creating something new for these customizations.

The leaks suggest both skins would be released on patch 2.8, so they are still a long way ahead of us. But some critical information on both of them has already surfaced, such as how different Diluc’s skin, in particular, will be compared to the older skins.

New skins for the update

As it’s been usual, both a 4-star and a 5-star character will receive a skin during the event. The 4-star skin is available for free during the version’s event, while the 5-star skin is only available by purchasing it with Genesis Crystals. 

The event, in particular, will also grant us a free Fischl so you can show her new drip right at the moment you get it.

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The new Diluc skin in Genshin Impact

The new Diluc skin is something new for Genshin Impact. While it’s supposedly more expansive than other skins, it will also bring new effects and idle animations for Teyvat’s own version of Batman. Previous skins have only gone as far as changing the character’s model slightly.

Roughly translating Sagiri’s tweet, this skin will be priced at 248¥, but it will have a special 198¥ price during the release. Since one Genesis Crystal costs 10¥, the skin should be priced for 2480/1980 crystals. The price in real money will vary depending on your region.

While the sketch is simply a representation of what the skin could be, it resembles Diluc from his manga version, something that players have asked Hoyoverse to release for a long time. In the manga, Diluc is seen with a high ponytail instead of his regular hairstyle.

genshin new diluc skin ponytail
Credit: Hoyoverse

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This is also the first “high tier” skin released in the game, directly for a popular character such as Diluc. It seems that the success of other skins (especially Ningguang and Keqing’s during 2.4) has finally convinced Hoyoverse to invest more in cosmetics.

The current strategy seems to be creating skins for all the standard 5-star characters, so after Mona and Qiqi receive their own skins, we should soon see new outfits for other popular, limited 5-star characters, such as Xiao, Hu Tao, Raiden Shogun, and many others. One can dream, at least.

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