Genshin Impact: All Character Event Banners, Ranked

Genshin banners

One of the main characteristics of Genshin Impact, and of any Gacha game in general, is the fact that players can expend resources to try to win specific characters.

In Genshin, this mechanic is known as the wish system, where players can try their luck in various types of banners.

With that in mind, check out all of Genshin Impact’s character event banners, from its release date to its current version 1.4, ranked.

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  • Is important to point out that the 5-star character is not the only one being evaluated on the list, but the entirety of the banners, as well as the time in which they were released in Genshin.

10. Ballad in Goblets 1.0

Genshin banner Venti
Credit: Genshin Impact Wiki

The game’s very first character event banner, witch featured Venti, Xiangling, Fischl, and Barbara.

Venti carried the banner, being, especially in the early game, on a league of its own in the subject is crowd control. Fischl’s presence also allowed players to have one of the game’s most adaptable characters.

The composition by itself is good, but the fact that players could get both Xiangling, and Barbara for free took a little from it, especially if we consider the banner that came after.

9. Dance of Lanterns

Genshin banners
Credit: Genshin Impact Wiki

The second banner of version 1.3, featuring fan-favorite Keqing.

Even if Dance of Lanterns was overshadowed by Hu Tao’s, Moment of Bloom, the banner offered a great selection of 4-stars.

Looking at its composition as a whole, Bennett can work extremely well with Keqing, offering a huge ATK boost, and an ideal stage for her Elemental Burst.

Barbara, on the other hand, can enable reactions and heal her efficiently. Overall, it’s a good banner, but the fact that players can get Keqing on the normal banner takes a lot from it overall.

8. Adrift in the Harbor

Genshin banners
Credit: Genshin Impact Wiki

Adrift in the Harbor brought to the game its best Cryo DPS, Ganyu.

The banner also offers great characters, but, with the exception of Xiangling, who can be a great reaction enabler to Ganyu, none of the others really stand out with her.

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7. Invitation to Mundane Life

Genshin banners
Credit: Genshin Impact Wiki

Another example where not the full composition, but the weight of its characters can make a banner great.

Invitation to Mundane Life not only featured fan-favorite, and the game’s best Burst DPS Xiao. But also Xinyan, Diona, and fan-favorite Beidou, who is one of the most fun characters to play in the game, and can work as both a sub and main DPS.

The banner offers 2 shield-focused characters, and two DPS.

6. Farewell of Snezhnaya

Genshin banners
Credit: Genshin Impact Wiki

The game’s third overall banner, and the first of its version 1.1, Farewell of Snezhnaya not only presented Tartaglia, and Diona, but also offered a boost for both fan-favorites Beidou and Ningguang.

The synergy between Diona and Tartaglia really shines in the banner, making it a freezing machine. The fact that it’s the first banner to offer Beidou and Ningguang is also a huge plus.

5. Gentry of Hermitage

Genshin banners
Credit: Genshin Impact Wiki

The second banner of the game’s Version 1.1 presented players with a chance to get Zhongli, even if still on its pre-rework phase, and Xinyan for the first time.

Gentry of Hermitage’s 4-star composition featured both Xinyan and Razor, who can complement each other well since she can offer a huge Physical damage boost and a shield for the Wolf Boy.

Not only that, but she can also work well with Chongyun, by creating reactions, and improving his overall damage. 

4. Ballad in Goblets 1.4

Genshin banners
Credit: Genshin Impact Wiki

The game’s most recent character event banner.

The second run of Ballad in Goblets managed to get this spot since it offers to the players the best crowd controller in the game, Venti. As well as Razor, the game’s current best physical DPS, and Sucrose, whose ability to increase the team’s elemental mastery, lower enemies’ defenses, and group them in an AoE makes her a great addition to any composition.

The banner offers a pretty complete package among its 5 and 4-stars, with a great DPS, and a great selection of supports.

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3. Secretum Secretorum

Genshin banners
Credit: Genshin Impact Wiki

This banner is a great example of how a great assemble of 4-stars can take a banner to a whole new level.

Since it not only offers Albedo, a 5-star support with a high damage potential, but also a great 4-star assembly.

With that said, Fischl is one of the game’s best offensive supports, and can also work well as a DPS. Sucrose was talked about above, and Bennett, thanks to its ability to increase the party’s overall damage, and heal efficiently, is considered one of the game’s most complete characters.

2. Sparkling Steps

Genshin banners
Credit: Genshin Impact Wiki

The game’s second Character Event Banner, Sparkling Steps, offered players the chance to get Klee, a character who is, after Diluc, and Ganyu, considered Genshin Impact’s best DPS, by a huge part of its community.

The banner also offers one of the best 4-star assembles among its peers, giving players the already explained Xingqiu, Sucrose, an already known name, featured above as well, and Noelle, all of which can work well with the little troublemaker.

1. Moment of Bloom

Genshin banners
Credit: Genshin Impact Wiki

The banner featured Hu Tao, one of the game’s best elemental DPS, and also allowed players to get Xingqiu, who can apply hydro easily and generate great reactions when accompanied by the 5-stars Elemental Skill, and Burst.

Moment of Bloom was without a doubt a banner that rewarded players with the best composition for its 5-star, featuring its best support on the same banner.

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Genshin Impact is currently available for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, via backward compatibility, mobile devices, – android, and iOS – and PC, via miHoYo’s official launcher.

The game’s current banner will run until April 6th, when a new banner, this time, featuring Tartaglia (Childe), will premiere.

So, do you agree with our list, ranking all of Genshin Impact’s character event banners?

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