Genshin Impact Albedo Build Guide: Weapons, Artifact Sets, Roles, Teams, Constellations, and more

Genshin Impact - Albedo Build Guide

Albedo is a playable 5-star Geo character in Genshin Impact. A reclusive individual who loves to paint and spends most of his time in Dragonspine, Albedo is a synthetic human made by the alchemist Rhinedottir

Albedo dislikes social interactions and travels only to the City of Mondstadt when necessary, fulfilling his duties as the Chief Alchemist and Captain of the Investigation Team of the Knights of Favonius. The 4-star Anemo character Sucrose works for him as his assistant, and he is a brother figure to the 5-star Pyro character Klee.

This guide will discuss Albedo‘s talents, constellations, recommended roles, best weapons, artifact sets, and more! So, if you want to add this character to your team, feel free to read on.

Albedo’s Talents and Priority

While Albedo has a pretty low Normal Attack multiplier, most of his contribution to the team revolves around his Elemental Skill (Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma). When cast, this ability allows him to create a Solar Isotoma and places it on the battlefield to deal AoE Geo DMG. The Solar Isotoma is considered a Geo Construct or a structure comprised of Geo energy that stays on the field for a specific period of time. In this case, the Solar Isotoma can last up to thirty (30) seconds, provided that enemies do not destroy it.

Genshin Impact Albedo new artifacts featured
Credit: HoYoverse

Moreover, whenever an enemy takes any kind of damage within the Solar Isotoma’s AoE (once every 2s), it generates Transient Blossoms. These blossoms deal extra AoE Geo DMG against enemies based on Albedo’s DEF. On the other hand, when he uses his Elemental Burst while a Solar Isotoma is present on the field, he deals extra damage as this triggers Fatal Blossoms to explode in the Solar Isotoma’s AoE.


The Solar Isotoma’s effects don’t end here! In terms of exploration, it can serve as an elevator as it lifts up any character who steps on it, making it easier to access hard-to-reach places.

With these in mind, it is best for Albedo’s Talents to be prioritized in the following order:

  • 1st Priority – Elemental Skill
  • 2nd Priority – Elemental Burst
  • 3rd Priority – Normal Attack

For more details about his Talents, check out the table below:

Normal Attack – Favonius Bladework – WeissNormal Attack
Perform up to 5 rapid strikes.

Charged Attack
Consumes a certain amount of Stamina to unleash 2 rapid sword strikes.

Plunging Attack
Plunges from mid-air to strike the ground below, damaging opponents along the path and dealing AoE DMG upon impact.
Elemental Skill – Abiogenesis: Solar IsotomaAlbedo creates a Solar Isotoma using alchemy, which deals AoE Geo DMG on appearance.

Solar Isotoma has the following properties:

– When opponents within the Solar Isotoma field take DMG, the Solar Isotoma will generate Transient Blossoms, which deal AoE Geo DMG. DMG dealt scales off Albedo’s DEF.
– Transient Blossoms can only be generated once every 2s.
– When a character is located at the locus of the Solar Isotoma, the Solar Isotoma will accumulate Geo power to form a crystallized platform that lifts the character up to a certain height. Only one crystallized platform can exist at a time.
– Solar Isotoma is considered a Geo construct. Only one Solar Isotoma created by Albedo himself can exist at a time.

Hold to designate the location of the skill.
Elemental Burst – Rite of Progeniture: Tectonic TideUnder Albedo’s command, Geo crystals surge and burst forth, dealing AoE Geo DMG in front of him. If a Solar Isotoma created by Albedo himself is on the field, 7 Fatal Blossoms will be generated in the Solar Isotoma field, bursting violently into bloom and dealing AoE Geo DMG.

Tectonic Tide DMG and Fatal Blossom DMG will not generate Transient Blossoms.
1st Ascension Passive – Calcite MightTransient Blossoms generated by Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma deal 25% more DMG to opponents whose HP is below 50%.
4th Ascension Passive – Homuncular NatureUsing Rite of Progeniture: Tectonic Tide increases the Elemental Mastery of nearby party members by 125 for 10s.
Utility Passive – Flash of Genius (Albedo)When Albedo crafts Weapon Ascension Materials, he has a 10% chance to receive double the product.
Credit: HoYoverse


Constellations and Effects

Albedo can already contribute a lot to your team at C0. However, he has a minor problem at this stage. While the Transient Blossoms’ damage generated by his Solar Isotoma has a massive DEF multiplier, his Elemental Burst scales with his ATK. This might divide your attention on which stat to invest on.

This can be solved if you have his second constellation (C2) as this constellation increases his Elemental Burst the more DEF he has. However, note that Albedo is still an amazing unit at C0. C2 is only a recommended constellation if you wish to invest more on him.

If you’re new to the game, Constellations are acquired when you get another character copy.

1Flower of EdenTransient Blossoms generated by Albedo’s Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma regenerate 1.2 Energy for Albedo.
2Opening of PhanerozoicTransient Blossoms generated by Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma grant Albedo Fatal Reckoning for 30s:

– Unleashing Rite of Progeniture: Tectonic Tide consumes all stacks of Fatal Reckoning. Each stack of Fatal Reckoning consumed increases the DMG dealt by Fatal Blossoms and Rite of Progeniture: Tectonic Tide’s burst DMG by 30% of Albedo’s DEF.
– This effect stacks up to 4 times.
3Grace of HeliosIncreases the Level of Abiogenesis: Solar Isotoma by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
4Descent of DivinityActive party members within the Solar Isotoma field have their Plunging Attack DMG increased by 30%.
5Tide of HadeanIncreases the Level of Rite of Progeniture: Tectonic Tide by 3. Maximum upgrade level is 15.
6Dust of PurificationActive party members within the Solar Isotoma field who a shield created by Crystallize protects have their DMG increased by 17%.

Recommended Roles and Teams for Albedo

As mentioned earlier, Albedo’s kit mostly revolves around the Solar Isotoma. This deals AoE damage when sent out and continues to deal damage once every two (2) seconds when enemies are hit with any attack. It is also important to note that this Geo Construct can stay on the field for up to thirty (30) seconds.

With this in mind, Albedo can work perfectly as an off-field Sub-DPS. His 4th Ascension Passive (Homuncular Nature) also provides Elemental Mastery (EM) for the party every time he uses his Burst. This is a great supportive ability in teams that deal damage primarily by triggering Elemental Reactions.


Genshin Impact - Albedo Build Guide - Mono Geo Team
Credit: HoYoverse,
  • In this team, it is ideal that you include Zhongli as your shield support character because his Elemental Skill not only provides a shield, it also creates a Geo Construct that can resonate with Albedo’s Solar Isotoma. To put it simply, the Geo Construct from both Zhongli’s and Albedo’s Elemental Skills will periodically deal Geo DMG against nearby enemies simply by being placed close together in the battlefield. However, if you don’t have Zhongli for this Mono Geo Team, you can go for another shield provider/healer like the 4-star Geo character Noelle.
  • Since Albedo is your Sub-DPS in this team, his DEF-scaling damage output can be enhanced further by Gorou. Gorou is a 4-star Geo character who specializes in increasing your team’s DEF stat and can even provide some healing at C4. The more Geo characters you have in the team, the better the buff he provides.
  • As for your Main DPS in this Mono Geo Team, the best option would be Arataki Itto (You can also use Noelle as a free-to-play-friendly Main DPS). Aside from taking most of the field time and triggering the off-field damage from Albedo’s Solar Isotoma, Itto can also place a Geo Construct using his Elemental Skill. This will resonate with the other Geo Constructs created by Zhongli and Albedo. It is also important to note that Itto (or Noelle if you don’t have Itto) relies heavily on the DEF stat to deal significant damage. This means that Itto or Noelle (DEF-scaling Main DPS), Albedo (DEF-scaling Sub-DPS), and Gorou (DEF buffer who relies on the number of Geo characters in the party) are highly recommended in this Mono Geo Team.

Of course, with at least two (2) Geo characters in the team, you can unlock the Geo Elemental Resonance, which increases shield strength, damage dealt, and decreases enemies’ Geo RES.


However, if you don’t like the Mono Geo Team, you can also place Albedo in other teams. He doesn’t only work well with other Geo characters. As mentioned, he can provide an Elemental Mastery buff, which means that he can also be in a team that relies on the EM stat. Despite being a Geo character, he is actually one of the most versatile units in Genshin Impact, so you can almost always place him in a team of your choice.

Genshin Impact - Albedo Build Guide - HyperBloom Team
Credit: HoYoverse,

An example of this is a free-to-play friendly Hyperbloom Team with the Dendro Traveler, Kuki Shinobu, and Xingqiu. You can also have a Spread/Aggravate Team with Tighnari, an off-field Electro like Fischl or Yae Miko, and a healer/shielder like Zhongli or Noelle. Albedo can provide off-field Geo DMG, EM buff, and shields from the Crystalize Elemental Reaction in both teams.

Albedo’s teams are seemingly endless as an amazing off-field Geo Sub-DPS and an EM provider. If you want, you may experiment on teams that we have not mentioned here.

Recommended Weapons for Albedo

Since most of Albedo’s off-field damage output comes from the DEF-scaling Transient Blossoms triggered by the Solar Isotoma, it is only fitting for him to wield a sword that increases his DEF stat. Unfortunately, since there are only a few swords with this stat, Albedo’s options as of writing are quite limited. Still, we have a few recommendations. You can also check out our insights for each weapon below the table for more information.

Cinnabar Spindle (4 stars)Base ATK (Lv 1 -90): 41 – 454
Base Bonus Stat (Lv 1 -90): DEF 15% – 69.0%
Base Skill Effect: Elemental Skill DMG is increased by 40% of DEF. The effect will be triggered no more than once every 1.5s and will be cleared 0.1s after the Elemental Skill deals DMG.
Harbinger of Dawn (3 stars)Base ATK (Lv 1 -90): 39 – 401
Base Bonus Stat (Lv 1 -90): CRIT DMG 10.2% – 46.9%
Base Skill Effect: When HP is above 90%, increases CRIT Rate by 14%.
Primordial Jade Cutter (5 stars)Base ATK (Lv 1 -90): 44 – 542
Base Bonus Stat (Lv 1 -90): CRIT Rate 9.6% – 44.1%
Base Skill Effect: HP increased by 20%. Additionally, provides an ATK Bonus based on 1.2% of the wielder’s Max HP.

Cinnabar Spindle

This 4-star sword is undeniably Albedo’s BiS (best-in-slot) weapon, as it increases the wielder’s DEF and DMG based on DEF. Unfortunately, there is no way to acquire this weapon at the moment as this was only available during the Shadows Amidst Snowstorms limited-time event, which ran from November 25 to December 13 last year.

Harbinger of Dawn

Genshin Impact - Albedo Build Guide - Harbinger of Dawn
Credit: HoYoverse,

If you don’t have Cinnabar Spindle, Harbinger of Dawn is arguably Albedo’s second-best option. While this sword only has a 3-star rarity and is quite low on the ATK stat, its CRIT Rate and DMG work pretty well for an off-field Sub-DPS Albedo. As the weapon’s passive skill states, the wielder will have an increased CRIT Rate when their HP is above 90%. A Sub-DPS Albedo only switches out to use his Elemental Skill and Burst. This means that it’s easy to keep his HP above 90%, triggering the CRIT Rate bonus of this sword. Moreover, since this is only a 3-star sword, it’s much easier to refine, meaning it’s easy to increase its CRIT Rate bonus.

Primordial Jade Cutter

If you think that a 5-star character also deserves a 5-star weapon, Primordial Jade Cutter is your option. With this sword’s relatively high ATK stat and CRIT Rate, you can even try running Albedo as your Main DPS character (if you like the character and want to use them as Main DPS, of course, you can). However, we still highly recommend that you use Albedo as an off-field Sub-DPS. Learn more about Primordial Jade Cutter here.


Recommended Artifact Sets and Stat Priority for Albedo

Below are our recommended artifact sets for Albedo:

Husk of Opulent Dreams x4– DEF +30%
– A character equipped with this Artifact set will obtain the Curiosity effect in the following conditions:

When on the field, the character gains 1 stack after hitting an opponent with a Geo attack, triggering a maximum of once every 0.3s.

When off the field, the character gains 1 stack every 3s.

Curiosity can stack up to 4 times, each providing 6% DEF and a 6% Geo DMG Bonus.

When 6 seconds pass without gaining a Curiosity stack, 1 stack is lost.
Husk of Opulent Dreams x2 and Archaic Petra x2– DEF +30%
– Geo DMG Bonus +15%

The DEF bonus and the buff from the Curiosity effect of Husk of Opulent Dreams x4 will definitely benefit Albedo. This effect increases both his DEF and Geo DMG even when he’s off-field.

However, if you don’t have a decent Husk of Opulent Dreams set, you can combine it with Archaic Petra. Although the Geo DMG bonus from this set is lower compared to the full Curiosity stack of Husk of Opulent Dreams x4, this combination is an option if you prioritize giving the full Husk set to your DEF-scaling Geo Main DPS.

As for his artifact stat priority, we recommend the following:

  • Sands – DEF%
  • Goblet – Geo DMG Bonus
  • Circlet – CRIT DMG or CRIT Rate if it’s low

For the sub-stats, be on the lookout for DEF%, CRIT Rate, and CRIT DMG. Note that Albedo doesn’t need a lot of Energy Recharge (ER) because his Burst energy cost is only 40.

Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game developed by miHoyo, also known as HoYoverse. The game is available on PC, PS4, PS5, iOS, and Android, while a release on Nintendo Switch is currently in the works

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