Genshin Impact 3.2 Marvelous Merchandise Event Guide: How to play, where to find Liben, Co-op Mode, and rewards

Genshin Impact 3.2 Marvelous Merchandise Event Guide

Marvelous Merchandise is a recurring event in Genshin Impact. During this event, Liben the merchant will ask you for a few basic materials in exchange for a variety of Box O’ Marvels.

Depending on the box, you can get valuable items, such as Primogems, Mora, Character EXP Materials, Talent Ascension Materials, and Weapon Enhancement Materials! This is an easy way to stock up on resources for future wishes, just like the ongoing Carefree Dreamland Web Event and the recent 3.3 Livestream Codes.

if you’re new to this event or simply want a refresher, here’s everything you need to know about Marvelous Merchandise.

How do I unlock Marvelous Merchandise? 

There are no complicated requirements to partake in this event. You only need to reach at least Aventure Rank 12, and you can meet Liben, give him some materials, and get awesome rewards!


How long will Marvelous Merchandise last?

For Genshin Impact Version 3.2, this event runs from November 28, 2022, to December 5, 2022, so be sure to talk to Liben every day.

Genshin Impact 3.2 Marvelous Merchandise Event Guide - Liben, Zhongli
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Is Marvelous Merchandise available in Co-op Mode? 

Yes, Marvelous Merchandise can be played in Co-op Mode. It is important to note that the daily Box O’ Marvels is different for each player’s world. This means that if you have a specific set of rewards from the boxes in mind and don’t like the box you have for the day in your world, you can choose to go to another player’s world instead.

How do I play Marvelous Merchandise? 

Completing the event is fairly straightforward. Here are the things you need to do to get your hands on some Box O’ Marvels: 

  1. Talk to Liben and choose “I’m here for my Box O’ Marvels” to see what Box O’ Marvels he has for the day. 
  2. If you don’t like the reward for that day, visit another player’s world by playing Co-op Mode, and check which reward Liben has in that other player’s world.
  3. If you’re fine with the reward, collect the items Liben is requesting and give them to him. These should be some basic items like Sunsettias and Sweet Flowers, and you’ll most likely have them in your bag. 

Below are the required items for each day. To know where you can find the items, click on the item link. Note that we will update this article daily during the event.

Day 1Apple x5
Fowl x5
Sweet Flower x5
Day 2Sunsettia x5
Pinecone x5
Carrot x5
Day 3Sweet Flower x5
Berry x5
Sunsettia x5
Day 4Carrot x5
Mint x5
– Raw Meat x5
Day 5Radish x5
Pinecone x5
Fowl x5
Day 6– Raw Meat x5
Berry x5
Mint x5

Where can I find Liben? 

Liben had a tendency to move around in the previous event runs, but you will find him in Mondstadt during this one. Check out the map below for your reference. If this is your first time meeting Liben, he’s the guy who wears sunglasses and sports a groovy mustache and a pompadour!

You can also check the event out by going to the Paimon Menu > Events > Marvelous Merchandise.


What are the rewards inside each Box O’ Marvels? 

Below is the complete list of rewards during the event. These rewards vary depending on the kind of Box O’ Marvels the merchant Liben has for a specific day. 

Box O’ Marvels Rewards 
Pyro – Primogem x40 
– Hero’s Wit x6 
Electro – Primogem x40  
– Teachings of Freedom x3  
– Teachings of Resistance x3  
– Teachings of Ballad x3 
Dendro – Primogem x40  
– Teachings of Diligence x3  
– Teachings of Prosperity x3  
– Teachings of Gold x3 
Cryo  – Primogem x40  
– Mora x60,000 
Geo – Primogem x40  
– Fine Enhancement Ore x10  
– Mystic Enhancement Ore x10 
Hydro – Primogem x40  
– Mora x20,000  
– Hero’s Wit x4 
Anemo – Primogem x40  
– Mora x20,000  
– Mystic Enhancement Ore x8 

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