Genshin Impact 3.0: Sumeru banner leaks and predictions

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As we’re already halfway into the 2.8 version of Genshin Impact, more information about the game’s future is unveiled, and we got a lot on the Sumeru banner leaks and predictions, with a possible schedule revealed for the first banners with Dendro characters in it.

As already confirmed by Hoyoverse themselves, Tighnari will be the region’s first 5-star and also the first limited Dendro character. With no other 5-star announced officially or through leaks for 3.0, new reruns are the most possible scenario for the second half of the update. And there are quite some candidates.

According to the reliable Uncle Chasm leaker, Zhongli and Ganyu are very likely to receive a double rerun banner during the second act of the update, as informed by SaveYourPrimos. Alongside this piece of information, there’s also a lot of uncertainty around this update’s duration, as it could end up being a smaller update.

Sumeru banner leaks and possibilities

Tighnari is certainly coming as the first 5-star in order to celebrate that Dendro will finally be in the game after almost two years. According to some now-deleted tweets by Lumie, he’s accompanied by his student Collei, the 4-star bow user who’ll also be given for free during the version’s event as our first Dendro unit (aside from the Traveler, of course).

sumeru banner leaks tighnari
Credit: Hoyoverse

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But many are reconsidering rolling for Tighnari as there’s a possibility that he’ll be added to the standard 5-star pool. This also comes from Uncle Chasm, who has currently a full 100% record of being correct. The standard banner has only ever received the newest 4-stars, and this would mark the first time for a previously limited character.

After either joining the Standard banner or not Tighnari is followed by yet another rerun, hinted to be Zhongli’s third return plus Ganyu’s second coming. These would be simple filler banners to give players some air to breathe while the future characters are being finished. They would also feature Dori as a 4-star as a way to incentive players to roll.

Finally, there’s a possibility for a third banner, just like we had in the 1.3 version. The latest Sumeru banner leaks have informed about a currently unknown rerun in the version’s final days. This would imply in the previous banners had a two-week duration instead of the usual three.

It’s also possible that 3.0 ends earlier than expected. Project Celestia has suggested this scenario, and it’s backed up through other leakers and information, such as fewer Spiral Abyss Blessings (only two instead of the expected three).

A shorter update?

The latest Sumeru banner leaks have not been 100% consistent with each other since there’s an indication that 3.0 will be shorter than usual. This may happen in order to arrange Hoyoverse’s schedule back into the plan after they had to extend 2.6 version for a few weeks due to development issues.

This could also be incorrect, as similar rumors also existed back in the 2.7 beta. They might want to make a shorter version but are not sure when to do it.

What about after 3.0?

After Sumeru’s debut, the future is even more uncertain. We know characters such as Nahida, Cyno, Dehya, and Scaramouche are coming for sure, but their exact order seems to never be a consensus between leakers.

sumeru banner leaks cyno
Credit: Hoyoverse

Cyno is most likely one of the first ones of the batch. Having previously been introduced in the manga just like Collei, he also has received information on his kit in the beta, meaning that the Polearm Electro character could soon join the Traveler’s party.

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Scaramouche should be released after his possible Boss Fight in the Archon Quests, complete with his new element and possible redesign. Whether it will be for the better or for the worst, only time can tell.

Nahida is also one of the most possible names to be made playable. After a small tease in the Golden Archipelago’s event finale and a brief appearance in the last trailers, the Dendro Archon will most likely be one of Hoyoverse’s priorities in development. Archons always end up as some of the most interesting and powerful of the characters in the roster, after all.

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