Genshin Impact 2.0: Weapon Banner pity changes are coming

Genshin weapon banner pity

The Weapon Banner pity in Genshin Impact is confirmed to get some changes. With all the news regarding the characters and areas coming in the 2.0 update, we also got some well-requested changes for one of the most frustrating systems we have in the game right now.

MiHoYo just announced on Hoyolab that the Weapon banners will get a new mechanic called “Epitomized Path”. This is a way to “choose” which of the 2 featured weapons you want to get when you obtain a 5-star weapon.

Notice the new symbol on the left corner. Credit: Mihoyo

This is how it works: When a new weapon banner is out, you can choose your path towards the Weapon you want. If you get any 5-star weapon that is not the one you chose, you’ll get 1 Fate Point. After getting 2 Fate Points, your next 5-star is guaranteed to be the chosen one. If you get your weapon before this, your Points will reset. The problem is that miHoYo stated that the Points are also cleared when the banner is gone, even if you didn’t get the weapon.

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genshin weapon pity choose
Credit: Mihoyo

The weapon banner pity is lower than the regular character banner, with the “soft pity” being around 64 wishes, and with a 75% chance of getting one of the featured weapons. If you get a non-featured weapon, it turns into 100%. At first, this seems to be a better option to spend your Primogems when you already have the characters you want.

The problem lies in the fact that you may never get the weapon you wanted since even after getting a non-banner weapon, you don’t know which one you’ll get next. You may end up with a spear when all you were looking for was a sword. In the Character banner, we’re at least guaranteed the event unit after losing a 50-50.

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This Epitomized Path system will be a good addition, but will it be enough? Also, if you’re unlucky like me, you may have to go through two 5-stars to finally get the one you want. For whales, that’s a lifesaver. For F2P/low spenders, not that much.

At least, this seems to be a step in a good direction. This issue has been brought up many times since the game’s launch, and Mihoyo finally got to listen to us. If they allow us to keep our points through the banners, this will be a perfect pity system. 

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