Genshin Impact: Best weapons for Shenhe

Genshin Impact - Best weapons for Shenhe

Usually considered the “Premium Cryo Support,” Shenhe boasts a kit that brings the potential of Cryo Teams in Genshin Impact to greater heights. This 5-star Cryo character increases the Cryo DMG of the team based on a huge percentage of her ATK stat.

While Shenhe is a character that can be called “niche,” she is undeniably the best in what she does (at least currently). However, what are the best weapons for Shenhe? This is a vital question if you wish to bring out her potential and, in doing so, bring out the best of your team as well.

In this article, we have listed the best weapons for Shenhe, including free-to-play ones. You can then choose which one works best for you.

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4-star weapons for Shenhe

Below are the best 4-star weapons for Shenhe:


Base ATK (Lvl 1 -90)44 – 565
Base Bonus Stat (Lvl 1 -90)Energy Recharge 6.7% – 30.6%
Base Skill EffectCRIT Hits have a 60% chance to generate a small amount of Elemental Particles, which will regenerate 6 Energy for the character. Can only occur once every 12s.
How to obtainAll Wishes
Genshin Impact - Best weapons for Shenhe - Favonius Lance
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Favonius Lance is generally a good option for characters who play a supportive role and have high Energy Recharge (ER) requirements. With a high energy cost Burst, Shenhe will need a decent amount of ER if you want to use her Burst in every rotation. Around 180% ER is good for Shenhe. However, it still depends on your team composition, so you might want to test whether or not Shenhe can use her Burst in every rotation with this ER.

Additionally, since Shenhe needs a high ATK stat to increase her buff for the team, your artifacts should focus more on the ATK stat if you ever decide to use Favonius Lance. Nonetheless, this is one of the safest and easily obtainable choices for players who are considering weapons for Shenhe.



Base ATK (Lvl 1 -90)45 – 620
Base Bonus Stat (Lvl 1 -90)ATK 3% – 13.8%
Base Skill EffectFor every point of the entire party’s combined maximum Energy capacity, the Elemental Burst DMG of the character equipping this weapon is increased by 0.12%. A maximum of 40% increased Elemental Burst DMG can be achieved this way.
How to obtainWeapon Event Wishes
Genshin Impact - Best weapons for Shenhe - Wavebreaker's Fin
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With its high Base ATK and ATK% Bonus Stat, Wavebreaker’s Fin is easily one of the best 4-star weapons for Shenhe. Again, Shenhe needs a high ATK stat to increase the buff she provides for the team. Additionally, if you put her in a team with an overall high energy cost while equipping Wavebreaker’s Fin, she will get a DMG bonus for her Burst!

However, of course, your artifact pieces will need to focus on having a lot of Energy Recharge, as Wavebreaker’s Fin does not aid Shenhe with her energy requirements.


Base ATK (Lvl 1 -90)44 – 565
Base Bonus Stat (Lvl 1 -90)ATK 6% – 27.6%
Base Skill EffectFor every character in the party who hails from Liyue, the character who equips this weapon gains 7% ATK increase and a 3% CRIT Rate increase. This effect stacks up to 4 times.
How to obtainWeapon Event Wishes
Genshin Impact - Best weapons for Shenhe - Lithic Spear
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While Lithic Spear has a lower Base ATK than Wavebreaker’s Fin, its Bonus ATK stat has a higher percentage. Moreover, if you put Shenhe in a team with characters from Liyue while equipping Lithic Spear, her ATK and CRIT Rate stats are increased. This works well if you pair Shenhe with another Cryo unit from Liyue, like her very own nephew, the 4-star character Chongyun, or the 5-star character Ganyu.

If it’s going to be a Freeze Team, you might also consider adding the 4-star Hydro character Xingqiu or the 5-star character Yelan for Lithic Spear’s passive to stack. Obviously, Lithic Spear is one of those situational weapons for Shenhe. Still, given the right team, it has the potential to increase her ATK and team buff further.


Base ATK (Lvl 1 -90)42 – 510
Base Bonus Stat (Lvl 1 -90)ATK 9% – 41.3%
Base Skill EffectWithin 10s after an Elemental Reaction is triggered, ATK is increased by 12% and Elemental Mastery is increased by 48.
How to obtainOf Ballads and Brews Event
Genshin Impact - Best weapons for Shenhe - Missive Windspear
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Among all the weapons on this list, Missive Windspear has the lowest Base ATK. However, this is still one of the best weapons for Shenhe because of its incredibly high Bonus ATK percentage, which means that she can still provide a huge buff for her teammates. As for this weapon’s passive skill, she can take advantage of the ATK increase when triggering Elemental Reactions, but not so with the Elemental Mastery bonus unless she’s placed in a Melt Team.

Learn more about Missive Windspear and where you can get it here.


5-star weapons for Shenhe

Below are the best 5-star weapons for Shenhe:


Base ATK (Lvl 1 -90)49 – 741
Base Bonus Stat (Lvl 1 -90)ATK 3.6% – 16.5%
Base Skill EffectGain 12% All Elemental DMG Bonus. Obtain Consummation for 20s after using an Elemental Skill, causing ATK to increase by 3.2% per second. This ATK increase has a maximum of 6 stacks. When the character equipped with this weapon is not on the field, Consummation’s ATK increase is doubled.
How to obtainWeapon Event Wishes
Genshin Impact - Best weapons for Shenhe - Calamity Queller
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Calamity Queller is Shenhe’s signature weapon and is easily one if not her BiS (best-in-slot). This weapon has the highest Base ATK stat among all polearms in Genshin Impact while also having a decent ATK% bonus stat on top of it. Apart from these, this polearm has a passive skill that provides Elemental DMG Bonus and another ATK increase. As this ATK increase gets doubled when the equipping character is not on-field, it is perfect for a Sub-DPS or support role that Shenhe usually takes. Shenhe can significantly boost the Cryo damage of the entire team with all these ATK bonuses.

Of course, you will need to get some artifact pieces with Energy Recharge if you’re planning to use Calamity Queller. You can learn more about Calamity Queller here.


Base ATK (Lvl 1 -90)46 – 608
Base Bonus Stat (Lvl 1 -90)Energy Recharge 12% – 55.1%
Base Skill EffectATK increased by 28% of Energy Recharge over the base 100%. You can gain a maximum bonus of 80% ATK. Gain 30% Energy Recharge for 12s after using an Elemental Burst.
How to obtainWeapon Event Wishes
Genshin Impact - Best weapons for Shenhe - Engulfing Lightning
Credit: HoYoverse

If you don’t have Calamity Queller but have the signature weapon of the Raiden Shogun, you might consider letting Shenhe borrow Engulfing Lightning. It is one of the best weapons for Shenhe.

Shenhe has a high Energy requirement and could use some Energy Recharge. As we mentioned earlier, reaching around 180% or more ER is great if you want to have a smoother rotation. Engulfing Lightning gives Shenhe some ER without sacrificing too much of her ATK stat, as the weapon has an ER bonus stat and a passive skill that converts a percentage of the equipping character’s ER into ATK.

You can learn more about Engulfing Lightning here.


Base ATK (Lvl 1 -90)48 – 674
Base Bonus Stat (Lvl 1 -90)Energy Recharge 8% – 36.8%
Base Skill EffectIncreases CRIT Rate by 8% and increases Normal ATK SPD by 12%. Additionally, Normal and Charged Attacks hits on opponents have a 50% chance to trigger a vacuum blade that deals 40% of ATK as DMG in a small AoE. This effect can occur no more than once every 2s.
How to obtainStandard Wish and Weapon Event Wishes
Genshin Impact - Best weapons for Shenhe - Skyward Spine
Credit: HoYoverse

If you’ve been playing Genshin Impact for a while, Skyward Spine is a 5-star standard weapon that might have already been sitting in your inventory. This polearm has a high Base ATK and Energy Recharge bonus stat that Shenhe can definitely take advantage of.


This concludes our list of the best weapons for Shenhe. Which one are you planning to use?

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