Genshin Impact: Amber featured on August 2022 Calendar

Genshin Impact - August 2022 Calendar - Amber

Last month, HoYoverse featured Barbara on their free July 2022 calendar. Now that a new month has begun, the game developer has shared a new one for the month of August.

As usual, it features another character whose birthday falls this month. And as for the calendar of August 2022, the one and only Outrider of the Knights of Favonius, Amber, is the star of the show.

This new calendar was shared by the Japanese Twitter page of Genshin Impact, and it shows the Outrider smiling widely with one hand on her hip and the other holding up the goggles on her head.

As translated by Google from Japanese, the tweet says:

“[Calendar distribution] We will distribute the calendar for August 2022 to the travelers with their daily gratitude! Please use it as a smartphone wallpaper!”

The four-star Pyro bow user will be celebrating her birthday on August 10th, making her the first celebrant of August. Of course, Amber isn’t the only celebrant for August. For the rest of the month, fans can expect the birthdays of Ningguang on the 26th and Mona on the 31st. These dates are also marked on the calendar with the celebrants’ faces in chibi style.


During these characters’ birthdays, players can log on to the game to receive a short message from the celebrants through the in-game mailbox. They can also obtain the characters’ signature dishes and a small assortment of other items which may include crafting materials, leveling materials, or more food.

Genshin Impact manga - Amber and Collei
Collei (left) and Amber (right), Credit: HoYoverse

It is likely that the highly-anticipated new region, Sumeru, will be released late this month. It is also here where fans can presumably get Collei for free. Considering that Amber and Collei are pretty close friends in the manga, it’s only fitting for Amber, who appears to be looking excitedly into the distance, to be featured for this month’s calendar.

HoYoverse distributes these Genshin Impact calendars monthly, and fans can use them as their smartphone wallpapers.

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