Genshin Impact Leaks: Will we get an Anemo Scaramouche instead of Electro?

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Teased from the very beginning of the game during the first update, Scaramouche is one of the Eleven Fatui Harbingers and will possibly be a main threat during the Sumeru storyline alongside Dottore. He’s also scheduled to be released as a playable character, but with a twist: Anemo Scaramouche instead of Electro.

This comes as a huge surprise as his whole dark blue/purple design screams Electro all over the place. Well, turns out that he’s also going through a redesign, according to leakers hxg and Mero. He’s still a Catalyst user at least.

Take note that all of this information is simply leaks and is not indicative of the final product. While both leakers have provided us will reliable information in the past (such as revealing Diluc’s skin), take this article with a grain of salt. Also, there are a few spoilers ahead.

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Why Anemo Scaramouche instead of Electro?

Scaramouche is a discarded vessel created by the Raiden Shogun. Instead of destroying it, she released it into the world where he eventually became the Kunikuzushi and was found by the Fatui. That along with his design makes it hard to imagine him as anything other than Electro.

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Credit: Hoyoverse

But Scaramouche will be the first playable character who uses a Delusion instead of a Vision! Childe uses his Hydro Vision, and we only see his Electro Delusion in his weekly boss fight. Turns out that Scaramouche’s is Anemo, and that’s what he’ll be using while a playable character.

Scaramouche also has the Electro Gnosis as it was pointed out multiple times, and might be searching for a way to harness its powers. Leakers have also pointed out that he’ll become another Weekly Boss, and just as was with Childe, we’ll probably see him using both Electro and Anemo at the same time.

As hxb theorizes that he “cannot use Electro anymore”, it might be some kind of backlash by using a Delusion and a Gnosis at the same time. This helps explain the sudden change to Anemo Scaramouche.

He’s going with a redesign and his playable name is “Wanderer”, and he may be more like the Scaramouche depicted in artifacts and weapons descriptions. The main issue is that Anemo Scaramouche would end up turning into a totally different character as hxg speculates, and players are not taking it very well.

anemo scaramouche hxg
Credit: hxg

As for lore reasons, there are actually some theories that predict Anemo Scaramouche instead of Electro, as strange as it may sound. In summary, Raiden is inspired by the Japanese God of Thunder Raijin. Raijin has a brother named Fujin, who’s the God of Wind. Scaramouche was created with Ei as a reference, making him not much different from a sibling. He also carries a windbag on his back, which could be another direct reference for Fujin.

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Will we get Electro Scaramouche someday?

Fans still hope for a Delusion version of Childe to be released based on his boss version second phase. While it’s more likely that such a version would be eventually released as a skin, it’s not uncommon for Gatchas to create new versions of the same character using a different weapon or element.

The same could be said for the Anemo Scaramouche situation. He was teased as an Electro character from the very beginning, and changing him now feels like a slap on the face of all of those who expected him.

But once more, there’s no confirmation for any of this information, and he might just be released as Electro. We’ll hopefully get to see more of Scaramouche and the other Harbingers when the Sumeru update finally drops, but everything until there is not official, and Hoyoverse could change it anytime. And hopefully they’ll do, as while a Scaramouche Anemo sounds interesting, it’s simply not what players wanted. 

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