Genshin Impact: All Conch locations 2.8 guide | How to get free Fischl skin

Ein Immernachtstraum Fischl skin in Golden Apple archipelago event for collecting all conches in version 2.8 genshin impact

The return to the Golden Apple archipelago has brought with it the conches again, so here are all Conch locations 2.8, the only guide you need to get yourself that shiny new Fischl skin for free.

Golden Apple Archipelago: All Conch locations 2.8 for the Free Fischl Skin

The Golden Apple archipelago has returned with the conches yet again, and once again obtaining enough will allow you to redeem a skin for a four-star character, Fischl, for free. You’ll need 16 of the conches in total, so here’s our all Conch Locations 2.8 guide to help you get there.

You’ll likely have found at least a few by yourself, as they are marked on the minimap much like Oculus. Finding them all will require a bit of exploring. Or you can skip that and make use of our handy maps below with all Conch locations 2.8 that are currently available. As of day 3 into the 2.8 Patch, you can only obtain up to 17 total, which means you’ll now be able to gather enough to acquire the new Fischl skin, Ein Immernachtstraum.

Note that you can expand both of our all Conch Locations 2.8 images by accessing the upper half here and the lower half of the map here, both of which will open in new tabs by default.

Of all the Conches expected to be available through version 2.8 of Genshin Impact, most are available through exploring the Golden Apple Archipelago. Up to 4 of them however seem to instead be awarded through progressing through the event questline.

As of day 3, you can obtain one conch from each of Xinyan and Kazuhas mirage domains, adding an extra two onto the map total of 15, bringing us to 17 total. I did not encounter the Conch or 15(!) chests in my run through the Blazin’ trails domain at first, but it can be replayed from the ‘The Islands’ Stirring Strings’ challenge menu at any point.

I did however find areas that I hadn’t even seen the entrance to immediately on my replay, which allowed me to continue exploring. After a number of different puzzles one will culminate in a dead end with another Melodic Harp puzzle. If you check your minimap here, this is where the Xinyan domain Conch is.

That means if you have the maximum of 15 conches from yesterday already, this is the last one you need for the Fischl skin.

Phantasmal conch collection progress for all conch locations 2.8
Credit: HoYoVerse, TheClick.GG

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This means you can as of today get the free skin from the Summer Fantasia event, and Fischl can finally upgrade her wardrobe. If you’re struggling to find these two new ones though, don’t worry – more will be added over the next two days to make the process even easier. Here’s hoping the Prinzessin will enjoy her fancy new threads.

For day three, the best you can reach is 17 Phantasmal Conch collection progress. When day four drops, this will most likely increase again by at least one more due to the new story quest component.

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