Genshin Impact: All Playable Characters’ Birthdays (Updated January 2023)

Genshin Impact All Characters' Birthdays - 2nd Anniversary

We all have our favorite Genshin Impact characters, and we want to know as much as we can about them—their stories, their likes and dislikes, and, of course, their birthdays.

We may not actually be able to celebrate these characters’ special days in-game. However, there’s always something that we can look forward to, and that is their letters and presents during these special occasions. That’s right! If you’re new to the game, you can get something from these characters during their birthdays, including, but not limited to, their delicious special dishes.

Although you must take note that you can only get the celebratory mail from the celebrant when you log in during that specific day.

Aside from that, it’s good to know when we can celebrate our favorite characters’ birthdays in our own little ways. For instance, if you’re into it, you can prepare some fan art during your favorite character’s special day or edit some appreciation videos.


Ultimately, we just want to know when their birthdays are in the same way that we want to know when our closest friends’ birthdays are. So, if you’re wondering when your favorite character’s special day is, we have listed all the playable Genshin Impact characters in this article and their birthdays.

Note that we will update this article once new characters join the ever-growing roster of playable characters, so you can always come back here when the time comes. We’ll be happy to see you again.

Genshin Impact Zhongli birthday fan art
Zhongli’s birthday fan art posted on Genshin Impact Fandom


List of all Genshin Impact characters and their birthdays

With the inclusion of Paimon, below is a complete list of playable Genshin Impact characters and their birthdays:

TravelerPlayer’s choice
WandererJanuary 3rd
ThomaJanuary 9th
DionaJanuary 18th
RosariaJanuary 24th
AlhaithamFebruary 11th
BeidouFebruary 14th
Sangonomiya KokomiFebruary 22nd
BennettFebruary 29th
QiqiMarch 3rd
YaoyaoMarch 6th
ShenheMarch 10th
JeanMarch 14th
NoelleMarch 21st
Kamisato AyatoMarch 26th
AloyApril 4th
XiaoApril 17th
YelanApril 20th
DilucApril 30th
CandaceMay 3rd
ColleiMay 8th
GorouMay 18th
Yun JinMay 21st
FischlMay 27th
Arataki IttoJune 1st
PaimonJune 1st
LisaJune 9th
VentiJune 16th
YoimiyaJune 21st
CynoJune 23rd
Raiden ShogunJune 26th
Yae MikoJune 27th
BarbaraJuly 5th
Kujou SaraJuly 14th
Hu TaoJuly 15th
TartagliaJuly 20th
Shikanoin HeizouJuly 24th
KleeJuly 27th
Kuki ShinobuJuly 27th
YanfeiJuly 28th
AmberAugust 10th
FaruzanAugust 20th
NingguangAugust 26th
MonaAugust 31st
ChongyunSeptember 7th
RazorSeptember 9th
AlbedoSeptember 13th
Kamisato AyakaSeptember 28th
XingqiuOctober 9th
XinyanOctober 16th
SayuOctober 19th
EulaOctober 25th
NahidaOctober 27th
Kaedehara KazuhaOctober 29th
XianglingNovember 2nd
KeqingNovember 20th
SucroseNovember 26th
KaeyaNovember 30th
GanyuDecember 2nd
NilouDecember 3rd
LaylaDecember 19th
DoriDecember 21st
TighnariDecember 29th
ZhongliDecember 31st

Do you know now when your favorite character’s birthday is? What do you plan to do during their birthday?

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