This is what a Fortnite survival game could look like

Fortnite Impossible Escape Loading Screen

Last Updated on: 25th June 2022, 05:37 am

Fortnite is a very unique game in that Epic Games has the ability to shape the IP into whatever genre or style they choose.

We saw this with the original release of Fortnite in July 2017 and the later Battle Royale mode released two months later.

When Fortnite was first released it was a PVE tower defense game, and the mode is still available today as Save The World. But, it is the Battle Royale mode that took Fortnite to the popularity it has today. This was an early look at how Epic Games are able to take the IP and reshape it to fit a new genre and this has only been further expanded upon with the Fortnite Creative mode.

With Creative, players are able to create their own maps and modes and there have been many different genres brought into the Fortnite universe, including parkour, survival, role-playing, racing, and more.

Epic Games also released an official mode during Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 6 called Impossible Escape which transformed the game into a survival-style game similar to the likes of Rust.

Fortnite Impossible Escape Loading Screen
Credit: Epic Games

Although not perfect, it was a very fun mode to play considering it was built using the game’s current map, as well as using weapons, items, and mechanics that are in the Battle Royale mode.

Epic Games originally released Battle Royale in September 2017 following the success of the likes of PUBG, and after the original version of Fortnite flopped upon release. The developers were able to take the existing Fortnite mechanics and mold them into a brand new game and this is something we could see in the future from Epic Games.

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If a genre suddenly takes over the internet and becomes the next hot style of game, such as survival, MMOs, or something we’ve never seen before, it is likely that Epic Games could take Fortnite and add an official mode as their spin on the style of game, and it likely wouldn’t take too long.

One Fortnite creator has taken this concept and shown what the game could look like. In a video titled “Fortnite in 2032…,” 12th Hour utilized Blender to render a scene using photo scans of real assets to build a scene that showcases much more realistic graphics than what is in the game currently.

Although the video wasn’t released to showcase what the game would look like in a different genre, it certainly had the vibe of what it could look like if it was a realistic survival game, such as Rust.

The video shows the Default character in a wooded setting with realistic trees, grass, and foliage on the outskirts of a city, there is even a Battle Bus flying overhead.

When watching the 15-second video, which took an entire day to render, it is hard not to imagine Fortnite as a survival game, an MMORPG, or many other genres.

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Fortnite is in one of the most unique positions in that it is a blank canvas for Epic Games, and the upcoming Creative 2.0 and modding system will only further expand upon that and it might now be too long until we see fan-made modes that look similar to this.