Rick and Morty confirmed for Fortnite Season 7

Rick and Morty Couch

Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 7 is almost here, with the 17.00 update set to go live tomorrow, June 8th. Ahead of the launch of the new season, Epic Games has been releasing teasers for the new season, which suggests that aliens will be coming to the game.

We may have also had confirmation as to the secret skin, or a Battle Pass skin, which is none other than Rick from the hit-show Rick and Morty.

Rick and Morty Confirmed For Fortnite Season 7

In the latest teaser by Epic Games, an item from the Rick and Morty TV show was included, hinting that the character/s will be coming to Fortnite Season 7.

The middle image shows the butter robot from Rick and Morty, that Rick builds with the sole purpose of bringing him butter at breakfast, I guess if you can then why wouldn’t you?

The teaser also shows a potential new pistol weapon, to go along with the anti-gravity gun and shotgun that were recently teased.

Fortnite Season 7 final teaser Rick and Morty
Credit: Epic Games

Season 6’s Primal theme will be leaving the game at the end of Season 6, along with all of the Primal weapons, which will be music to many ears as a large part of the player base haven’t enjoyed the Primal weapons.

The new crafting mechanic will be staying in the game, so it makes sense that a new set of weapons will take their place.

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With an alien theme it is possible that we will see a futuristic theme, which is also backed up by the new Mecha Team Leader Fortnite Crew Pack skin.

Previous Crew Pack skins have been throwbacks to Chapter 1 seasons, for example the Vi skin is a throwback to Drift from Season 5, and Alli is related to Lynx from Season 7.

This means that Mecha Team Leader is a throwback to Season 9, and the skin bares a striking resemblance to Singularity from Chapter 1 Season 9.

Season 9 was a futuristic theme with Neo Tilted and Mega Mall in the game, could we be set to see the Chapter 2 map go futuristic in Season 7?

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