How to get the Chicken Wing It Fortnite emote

How to get the chicken wing it fortnite emote

The new chicken wing it fortnite emote based on the viral TikTok video has been added to the game, and we’re here to tell you how to get it.

On the featured page of Fortnite, the new emote took center stage, with the following description.

Sometimes you just need to make up a dance on the spot.
Choreography by Lexi.

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Chicken Wing It Fortnite
Credit: Epic Games

Following the TikTok viral dance trend, the chicken wing it emote has been introduced as the latest in The Icon Series. The emote is available to purchase from the Item Shop in-game for 500 v-bucks.

The Icon Series is an ongoing collaboration that Epic Games has been working on with viral content creators, artists and personalities. Previous entrants in The Icon Series have been celebrities and famous content creators such as Ninja, Marshmello, Major Lazer, and Loserfruit.

The chicken wing it fortnite emote was inspired by TikTok creator lexibb69. The dance posted by Lexi was directly adapted as the emote, making Lexi the latest entrant in The Icon Series.

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The chicken wing song originated back in 2013 on the Nintendo DSi app called Flipnote Studios. The app was used to do frame by frame hand drawn animations, and that was where the chicken wing song was born. The original version of the song and video, created by Fred Blankenburg, can be seen below.

This emote isn’t the first time Epic Games have cashed in on a viral trend. In fact, it’s just one of a number of emotes that have been inspired by popular dances and expressions. The emotes “The Flow”, “Rollie”, “Say So”, and various other song-dance combinations have already found their way into the game.

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