Fortnite server issues as Chapter 3 begins leaving millions unable to play

Fortnite Status Server Down

Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 1 has just gone live and it is already experiencing server issues, likely due to the millions of players trying to log in all at once.

Many players are unable to get into a match and others are experiencing issues with purchasing the Battle Pass and Crew Pack, as well as friends lists disappearing meaning players are unable to jump into the brand new map with their squad and favorite teammates.

The official Fortnite Status Twitter account has posted an update explaining they’re aware of the issue and are actively working to fix it so players can finally experience the new season.

“We’re aware that log-ins, purchases, partying up, and matchmaking may be delayed. We’ll provide an update when this has returned to normal.”

Fortnite Chapter 3 begins with the player washing up on the shores of the new island before coming across The Foundation and other members of the Battle Pass before the camera pans to show the new map and the old Chapter 2 map underneath it.

The new map will feature classic locations from Chapter 1 including Shifty Shafts, Greasy Grove, Loot Lake, and even Tilted Towers which is currently buried underneath snow and will become playable later in the season.

A new Battle Pass is available this season which includes The Foundation as the secret skin, played by The Rock, as well as Marvel’s Spider-Man.

Fortnite Chapter 3 will also see the game move over to Unreal Engine 5, becoming the first released game to use the new engine and provide Epic Games with a great test game before rolling it out to other titles and allowing developers to release games on it.

New mechanics will come to the game too including sliding which should add more depth to combat and allow for more rotation options, especially when sliding down hills and mountains.

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We’re really excited to see how Fortnite Chapter 3 plays out, once these server issues are resolved. And once they are, we will see you on the Battle Bus.