Fortnite: Chica Joins Fortnite Icon Series

Fortnite Chica Skin Key Art

Fortnite is known for adding skins of real-life content creators and celebrities to the game, which in the past has included the likes of Ninja, Lazarbeam, and the Fortnite World Cup winner Bugha. Now, Epic Games brings Twitch streamer Maria “Chica” Lopez into the exclusive lineup of creators with her very own Fortnite Icon Series skin.

Starting at 8 PM ET on Saturday, May 7, 2022, Chica’s Icon Series Set will be available in the Item Shop.

However, those who want to hatch her Outfit and Back Bling earlier may compete in the Chica Cup tomorrow, May 5, 2022. Aside from getting a chance to unlock the said items, participants of the cup may also get a special Spray

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What’s in the Chica Set? 

Chica’s Icon Series Set contains the following items: 

  • Chica Outfit 
  • Chica’s Star Back Bling 
  • Aida’s Edge Pickaxe 
  • The Pollo Dance Emote 
  • Pollito Spray 
  • Chica was Here Spray 
Credit: Epic Games

The Outfit has five different Styles. These are the Default StylePrismatic Streak StyleRoyale Streak StyleShades Style, and Hunter Mask Style. Moreover, the outfit includes Chica’s Star Back Bling which features two styles. 

Credit: Epic Games

Players will also be able to purchase the new Aida’s Edge Pickaxe separately. Like the Back Bling, it also has two styles. 

Credit: Epic Games

And if these aren’t exciting and fun enough, players will get to see the streamer doing the iconic chicken dance in the form of the new Pollo Dance Emote

Credit: Epic Games

As for the Chica was Here Spray and Pollito Spray, players can unlock them by competing in the Chica Cup and watching streams, respectively. 

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What’s the Chica Cup about? 

Happening on Thursday, May 5, the Chica Cup is a Zero Build Duos Cup where players compete for a chance to unlock the Chica Outfit and Chica’s Star Back Bling before they hit the Item Shop on Saturday. Moreover, earning at least eight points in the said cup means unlocking the Chica Was Here Spray

Credit: Epic Games

Watch Streams to unlock Pollito Spray 

Players can unlock the Pollito Spray by simply watching their favorite Fortnite streamers. Viewers who watch Fortnite on Twitch for a total of one hour from May 6 at 10 AM ET to May 8 at 10 PM ET will be able to claim the spray.  

Credit: Epic Games

It’s important to note that to claim this spray, players will need to link their Epic and Twitch accounts. 

Chica’s Fun Run 

Alongside her Icon Series Set, a new Creative Island has been revealed to celebrate the streamer’s arrival to the game. The Island code for this new experience is 8432-7199-6378

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