Fortnite: Catch Different Fish for Fishstick – Week 11 Valentines Challenge Guide

Valentine’s Day is nearly here and with it comes the new Hearts Wild challenges. Its all about love this week, and that means….catching fish.

Here is how to catch different fish for Fishstick.

Fortnite Week 11 Valentine’s Challenges

Week 11 Valentine’s Challenges are exactly as you guessed, Valentine’s Day themed. Since we usually only get 10 weeks of main content and then the rest is considered Overtime Challenges, that’s what we’ll call these challenges.

Fortnite Week 11 Epic Challenges

  • Catch different kinds of fish to find Fishstick a date – Catch 3 different fish
  • Serve Fishstick and his date a fancy dinner at any restaurant
  • Find a rose at Steel Farm or The Orchard – 1 Rose
  • Collect Grimbles Love Potion from Stealthy Stronghold, Coral Castle or Fort Crumpet
  • Deliver the Love Potion to Slurpy Swamp or Shanty Town
  • Collect Chocolate Boxes from Pleasant Park, Holly Hedges or Retail Row – 3 Chocolate Boxes
  • Choose a character to be Lovely’s Valentine

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Fortnite Week 11 Legendary Challenges

  • Deal damage with Crossbows to opponents – 1000 damage
  • Deal damage with Crossbows to opponents – 2000 damage
  • Deal damage with Crossbows to opponents – 3000 damage
  • Deal damage with Crossbows to opponents – 4000 damage
  • Deal damage with Crossbows to opponents – 5000 damage

Catch Different Fish to Find a Valentine’s for Fishstick

For this part of the challenge, you will simply need to catch 3 different kinds of fish.

Fortnite Catch Different Fish Fishstick Valentine's Week 11 Challenges
Credit: Epic Games

The fish that are currently in the game are:

  • Flopper
  • Slurp Fish
  • Rift Fish
  • Zero Fish
  • Shield Fish
  • Jellyfish
  • Small Fry

Once you catch 3 different fish in Fortnite, this challenge should be completed and the next stage, if there is one, will be unlocked for you.

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