Fortnite Academy Champions Skins – With over ‘500 million’ combinations to choose from

Fortnite Academy Champions Skins

We all know that the cosmetics in Fortnite truly make the game, when you’re running around in your favorite skin, it just ‘hits differently’. And the wait is over for the latest release to add to your collection – the Fortnite Academy Champions Skins.

Set to hit the item store today, the Fortnite Academy Champions Skins, which are partnered with creators. According to  DahjaCat, the “Academy Champions set has over 500 million possible style combinations” There’s certainly going to be something for everyone!

Let’s take a look below at all the details.

Fortnite Academy Champions Skins

Credit: Epic

Featuring 10 customizable skins, the new range is certainly one to be excited about!

Costing 1500 V Bucks, players can transform their character into pretty much any combination they wish. And with 10 skins to choose from, plus the options available, there really will be something for everyone.

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fortnite academy champions skins
Credit: Epic

Each of the ten Fortnite Academy Champions Skins allows the following customization:

  • Three upper clothing items with color choices
  • Three lower clothing items with color choices
  • Three pairs of shoes, each with their own color choices
  • Three emblems
  • Three shades to choose from
  • Primary and Secondary hair colors
  • Eye color options
  • Three pickaxe choices complete with customizable colors
  • Backbling chibi with shading and color options
  • Backbling shading option
  • Backbling reactivity setting
  • Backbling screen and tabs options- and yes you guessed it, more color choices!
Credit: Youtube

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Courtesy of VALtheVAL, we can see in the video above, Ace Academic, Culture Club Commander, Midterm Maverick, Prefect Patroller, Rebel Rival, Sporty Skirmisher, Striker Senpai, Studious Scout, Varsity Vanguard, and last but not least, Victory Valedictorian (interesting name choices), are all anime themed, and boast unique styles to begin with, before you even start to make it truly your own with all the various options.

Which skin will you purchase? Personally, I want them all!

Fortnite is now available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Android, and Cloud Gaming via Xbox Game Pass and Nvidia’s GeForce Now.