Final Fantasy XIV is expanding the Glamour Dresser in patch 6.2

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During the new Live Letter for Final Fantasy XIV, game producer, and director Naoki Yoshida revealed some of the upcoming content that will be arriving in the game during the 6.2 patch Buried Memory, and one of them was the long-awaited expansion to the Glamour Dresser.

Other changes also include the new chapter of the Main Quest Scenario, an announcement for the Endwalker Relic Weapons, a new raid tier, updates to the Adventurer Plate system, and much more.

Systems updates

The live started by announcing the 6.18 patch coming next week, which will bring the Data Center Travel system to the game, where we’ll be able to visit not only other servers but also different Data Centers from the same region (e.g. if you play on NA, you can only visit another NA Data Center).

For that reason, and also the addition of a new European Data Center, the maintenance will take a whole day to be complete, much longer than a usual smaller patch. But it should be worth it as now players will be able to meet and play with friends from even more distant regions.

ffxiv glamour dresser patch
Credit: Square Enix

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One of the main attractions though is the expansion of the Glamour Dresser. Players have been asking for this since it was introduced during patch 4.2. The dresser can hold only up to 400 pieces, and while it seems like a lot, it does get filled up pretty quickly as there are a lot of different and unique pieces of equipment in the game.

Credit: Square Enix

The recently introduced Adventurer Plate is also coming out of its “beta” stage and will be officially released in 6.2. Sadly, since the system will be heavily updated, all of the current Plates will be deleted and players will have to create them again. Yes, Yoshi-P is very sorry about this, but it couldn’t be helped.

No big balancement changes were announced yet, as those are usually more reserved for the second Live Letter closer to the patch’s release. Dragoon and Astrologian are still candidates for receiving big changes, but they’ll happen in a further patch.

Story and combat content

The Main Scenario advances, and it will feature the new patch dungeon and a new trial, coming with both regular and Extreme versions. The trial is still a secret to avoid spoilers, but the dungeon is called The Fell Court of Troia, and it already has some screenshots.

ffxiv glamour dresser dungeon
Credit: Square Enix

On high-end content, the Pandaemonium raid storyline is also advancing, this time introducing the Abyssos tier, which will feature its Savage mode one week after the regular tier’s release. Also, the Unreal Trial for the patch is Cointanement Bay S1T7, aka Sephirot (the giant monster dude, not the silver-haired swordsman).

Optional quests, such as the new Omicrons Tribe quests, Tataru’s Grand Endeavour, and the Hildebrand quests will be continued. The latter has an interesting twist, in which the new Relic Weapons, usually the strongest in the expansions, will be available for completing them.

The most unexpected announcement is the Variant Dungeons to be introduced in 6.25. These will follow different paths depending on your choices and will have a harder difficulty known as Criterion Dungeons. 

These will be an “extreme version” of the regular Variant Dungeon, and will feature special rules such as monsters with enrage timers, and regular ways to resurrect players are not allowed.

Credit: Square Enix

PVP will also receive some love with the return of the Rival Wings mode and new upcoming season rewards.

Other updates

The Island Sanctuary, scheduled to be an FFXIV version of Harvest Moon, has finally received some updates in this letter, where we were shown the exact length of the map in which we’ll create our own island. We also can let our minions have their fun in it!

Credit: Square Enix

Some older duties, such as The Steps of Faith and Thornmarch are being revamped to accompany the updates made to older duties. More Heavensward dungeons also received Duty Support, in which you can clear them with NPCs instead of players.

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The full Live letter can be viewed here. Final Fantasy XIV patch 6.2 is going live in late August, with no set release date.

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