FFXIV: Squid Game finds its way into the game

squid game ffxiv room

It seems that the popularity of the Netflix show Squid Game knows no bounds, as it’s also reaching completely unrelated media such as FFXIV. The popular Netflix series is one of the most viewed shows in the platform history, and it’s being referenced almost everywhere.

From symbols, visuals, and TikTok trends, the series is still a hot topic, and it was reproduced in games like ROBLOX and VR Chat. But now, Eorzea is the new place where players must risk their lives for the final prize money, as Final Fantasy XIV also has its own Squid Game.

Squid Game happening in FFXIV

The Youtuber and Streamer Chili posted on his Twitter account about one of his findings in the crazy RP world of FFXIV: A whole functional Squid Game, being managed by the Free Company Dgen on the Crystal Datacenter.

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Both players and managers have dressed appropriately for the occasion, in which everyone played the same games from the series. Since FFXIV allows players to literally “die” with the Play Dead emote, the post-game was a lot more faithful to the original material.

The FC managed to replicate the scenarios from the series inside their house, which included a thematic room for each of the games, and players were even sent to a waiting room just like the one seen in the show.

Credit: Chili

According to Chill, the FC is relatively new to hosting big events like these, but they managed to bring an incredible show to all of the players involved, who seemed to have a great time from the prints shown. 

It should be a matter of time until more players start to host similar events since a big part of the community actively engages in this kind of content. 

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Final Fantasy XIV is currently at the end of its third expansion, Shadowbringers. The next expansion, Endwalker, will be officially released on November 23 and will bring two new classes, Sage and Reaper.

You can pre-order the expansion in order to get in-game rewards, like exclusive minions, mounts, and an EXP-booster earring. You will also be able to participate in the early access starting November 19. 

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