Is Destiny 2 Worth Playing Right Now?

Many have probably asked themselves this question: Is Destiny 2 worth playing right now? It’s pretty safe to say that the game has been through a bit of a rough patch in the past couple of months.

Beyond Light was poised to be a revival of the game, with new subclasses, new weapons, new activities, and most importantly, the retiring of much of the game’s loot pool. Upon the launch of Beyond Light, Bungie wanted to retire (or “sunset” as they put it) various pieces of gear from the game’s expansive list of weapons and armor.

This was met with considerable push-back from the community and many prominent Destiny content creators, as the prospect of giving up fan favorites like The Recluse and Midnight Coup frustrated players.

In addition to the challenges of sunsetting gear, there has always been the issue of making activities that require optimized gear, as much of the content of the game that isn’t Grandmaster Nightfalls can be conquered with relative ease.

So Long Sunsetting!

In the last major Destiny 2 Update post, Bungie devs have revealed that starting in the next season, any piece of gear that reaches the max power level will not be sunset as previously expected.

In essence, Bungie has sunset the concept of sunsetting gear from the game as of now. That doesn’t mean you can use your old gear you may have kept until now, but it does mean that any future pieces of gear you obtain going forward now don’t have an expiration date.

You can now hold onto any new favorites you’ve found (like that Bottom Dollar from Gambit). Given that the current season has also continued to make strides in terms of quality content, such as the excellent Presage mission and the engaging Battlegrounds activity, one can only hope that Bungie continues to use this momentum to continue making engaging activities.

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Crucible Has Some Growing Pains

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For any PvP players, it may still be a while before the pain of Stasis is alleviated, as its stated in the aforementioned post, any major changes to Crucible won’t happen until Season 15, which won’t be for several months.

As it is right now, Crucible is still a crap-shoot in regards to how much you’ll enjoy your sessions, as Stasis abilities still dominate the playing field when compared to their Light counterparts. In addition to Stasis still being a problem, Trials of Osiris has been indefinitely postponed in order to address a game fixing issue that allowed people to accrue wins dishonestly.

Despite some balance tweaks and a commitment to fixing PvP, Crucible focused players have every right to feel frustrated at Bungie for the current state of the game mode.

Bungie’s forward thinking philosophy when it comes to fixing the game has satisfied many but will continue to frustrate anyone who wants to continue to engage with the game right now.

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The Bottom Line

So, again, is Destiny 2 worth playing right now? Honestly, it wholly depends on what you want to get out of Destiny at the moment.

For PvE players, you have plenty of content that is fun for a couple of sessions but can get stale once you’ve found some satisfying weapons to hoard. The current available raids are always a good time, but how many times can you run the Deep Stone Crypt before yearning for something different?

If you’re into PvP, there’s only so much you can do before you get tired of dealing with Stasis all of the time, and you get very little for your time in the end. Overall, the game is still fun to play in short sessions, and given the quality of newer missions like Harbinger and Presage, it’s safe to say that Bungie is finding their footing a bit.

If you’ve taken a break from Destiny and are curious as to whether or not to come back for this season, consider it; the game has some interesting missions to play and there are still some surprises that have yet to be revealed, according to Bungie.

Have you taken a break from Destiny? What other similar MMOs have you been playing lately? Let us know in the comments below!

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