Destiny 2: Witch Queen Preparation Guide: Bounties

Destiny 2 Witch Queen

With the new Destiny 2: Witch Queen expansion upcoming on February 22, 2022, it is never too early to start preparing for the day one experience. From gathering bounties to what weapons to stockpile, for new players it can be confusing on what to get and what to avoid.

One of the best ways to prepare for a new expansion is to keep specific bounties and claim them when the new expansion arrives. Not all of the bounties are created equally though, there are some that are more worth keeping than others.

By the same token, there are bounties that you want to avoid due to them not actually giving any experience points when you turn them in.

To know what bounties to keep and which to avoid, the different types of bounties that you want to claim can be split into a miniature tier list.

Tier 1

There is only one type of bounty in this category that you really want to hold onto, and that is the Iron Banner bounties. These bounties not only give you experience, but they also drop with a potential new weapon that was added for that expansion. That said weapon also is a big boost to your light level since it drops as a pinnacle drop itself.

Tier 2

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This tier belongs to weekly bounties, namely those from Europa, the Lectern of Enchantment, Eris Morn on the Moon, and the Cosmodrome.

These bounties will take a bit longer than usual weekly bounties, but they still give a decent amount of experience. One other bounty that can be included here, but only for those who play with their clanmates a lot, are the weekly clan bounties.

In addition to giving experience, they also drop a legendary weapon or armor. The only thing with that drop is that they may drop at the previous season’s power level.

Tier 3

All of the daily bounties from all of the vendors. These include those from the tower, Europa, the EDZ, Nessus, both sources from the Moon, and any other source for daily bounties.

These are easy to complete, and give a corresponding amount of experience. The strategy with these bounties is to use them to fill in the gaps of your collection.

Bounties to Avoid

There are certain types of bounties to avoid holding onto since they will not stay in your inventory when the new expansion releases. These are any repeatable bounties from vendors since they don’t give any experience or a minimal amount at best.

Seasonal bounties should also be avoided due to the fact that they will not stay in your inventory when the new season is released.

Unique to the Witch Queen release, any bounties from the Tangled Shore should be avoided. Since the location is being vaulted when the expansion releases, the bounties that are found there are unlikely to carry over as well.

Collecting these will just take up space and disappear when you can hold a bounty that will help you along in the new expansion.

Credit: Bungie

One note is that every player can only hold sixty-three quests and bounties at a time, so before you start preparing for Destiny 2: Witch Queen, make sure that any quests that can be completed are or are disbanded to make sure that the most bounties are held for the maximum effect.

For any updates to Destiny 2, make sure to check here or the Bungie News page for the latest updates about the game.

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