Vanguard: Best Kar98k loadout & class build

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Call of Duty Vanguard is bringing back one of the most iconic bolt-action rifles in Call of Duty history – no, we’re not talking about the Intervention. Sledgehammer Games‘ Second World War shooter is bringing back the Kar98k, of course! If you’re a Warzone regular, you’ll know this rifle well. Here’s the best Kar98k loadout and class build if you’re looking for something new.

Vanguard’s Kar98k – Sniper Rifle

The Kar98k in Vanguard is going to be a little different to other Kar98k’s we’ve seen in recent Call of Duty games, but some things are going to be the same. It’s a well-balanced rifle that doesn’t excel in any category but does the job when you need it to. The Kar98k is going to be a popular choice for a lot of reasons – so, make sure you’re levelling it early.

Its rate of fire isn’t anything to boast about – it is a bolt-action operated Sniper Rifle after all – however, it does offer a decent damage output and is slightly quicker than some of its peers. You should find there’s a lot of scope – see what we did there – to use this weapon if you’re landing your shots. Its faster ADS time should lend itself well to smaller maps, too.

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With this being a popular choice for snipers in Vanguard, here’s the best Kar98k loadout and class build. Don’t get left behind!

Best Kar98k loadout and class build

Firstly, let’s talk about the Kar98k itself – what attachments do you want to include in this loadout?

  • Muzzle – F8 Stabilizer
  • Barrel – VDD 660mm
  • Optic – 1913 Variable
  • Stock – Reisdorf Wire
  • Underbarrel – SMLE Pistol Grip
  • Magazine – N/A
  • Rear Grip – Leather Grip
  • Ammo Type – Lengthened
  • Proficiency – Quickscope
  • Kit – Deep Breath
Best Kar89k Loadout
Credit: Sledgehammer Games

With that sorted out, what else do you want to take into battle?

  • Secondary Weapon – MP40
  • Lethal – Throwing Knife
  • Tactical – S-Mine 44
  • Perk One – Ghost
  • Perk Two – Forward Intel
  • Perk Three – Overkill

Vanguard’s multiplayer is going to be ever-changing, with the same level of support as Black Ops Cold War, Warzone, and Modern Warfare – if not more. This means there’s going to be a few updates throughout its lifetime, some of which will make changes to the Kar98k and its attachment loadout. We’ll make sure we keep this guide updated, though.