Captain Price joins Cold War as one of Season 3’s Operators

Last Updated on: 20th April 2021, 08:21 pm

Black Ops Cold War Season Three is almost here and we’re here to talk about Captain Price and his Cold War companions.

Yes. You read that right. Captain Price, the Captain Price, is coming to Black Ops Cold War as one of the four Season Three Operators. He will be a free Operator available to unlock in Black Ops Cold War for everyone too! You don’t even need the Battle Pass!

We’ve got everything you need to know about Captain Price and all the other Black Ops Cold War Season Three Operators.

How To Get Captain Price in Cold War?

Whether you’re purchasing Black Ops Cold War at the start of Season Three, or if you already own Black Ops Cold War, all you need to do is start up Treyarch’s Call of Duty and you’ll be able to get the Captain Price Operator at the start of Season Three.

If you want him in Warzone, though, you’ll need to load up Black Ops Cold War first to claim him before he’ll appear.

It’s also worth noting that Captain Price’s Black Ops Cold War Operator is separate from Modern Warfare 2019’s Captain Price.

The Other Season Three Operators

In addition to Captain Price ’84, there are three other Operators coming to Treyarch’s Call of Duty in Season Three.

Wraith – Warsaw Pact

Captain Price Black Ops Cold War Wraith Knight
Credit: Treyarch

” This ex-Norwegian Intelligence Services alpine warfare specialist-turned-Perseus-agent makes a grand entrance demonstrating her skills in infiltration and sabotage. A vital asset in winter operations, cold-blooded and intolerant of weakness, she’s the perfect antagonist to fight against the NATO forces.”

Wraith is going to be available at Tier 0 in the Battle Pass, with a Legendary Operator Skin at Tier 100.

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Knight – Warsaw Pact

Captain Price Black Ops Cold War Knight
Credit: Treyarch

” The second member of the deadly Perseus duo responsible for the events at Mount Yamantau is Roman “Knight” Gray. Born for the kill, Knight is a Dublin-born former MI6 wetworks operative who loves what he does. He joined Perseus to bathe in the glory of the chaos they promise. Happiest when killing in close quarters, he’s a brutal force to be reckoned with.”

Knight will be available in-season via an Operator Bundle.

Antonov Warsaw Pact

Captain Price Black Ops Cold War Antonov
Credit: Treyarch

” An ex-hitman, Antonov joined the military in lieu of serving extended jail time for his crimes. His expertise as a paid killer makes him an extremely valuable and lethal asset. Distrusted by the Warsaw Pact because of his criminal past, he finds himself assigned duties no one else wants: bomb defusal and hazmat work.”

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Antonov will be available in-season via an Operator Bundle in-store.