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Wade Jackson is one tough son of a bitch – he’s always the first into the fight and he’s always going to surprise you. As a core member of Captian Butcher’s Vanguard, he’s a face you’re going to see a lot over the next few months. Good thing he’s as handsome as he is a madman. Here’s everything you need to know about how you can unlock Wade in Call of Duty Vanguard.

Unlocking Operators isn’t just about getting a new face, though – you can also unlock new cosmetic items and bonus XP for their favourite weapon! Here’s what you need to know about Wade Jackson from Call of Duty Vanguard.

How to unlock Wade in Vanguard

In order to unlock Wade in Call of Duty Vanguard, you’re going to have to do one of two things. In Zombies, you can earn Wade by getting 250 Eliminations with Field Upgrades – this shouldn’t take you too long but Energy Mine is probably your best bet. In multiplayer, you can earn Wade by getting 100 Headshots. Again, this isn’t going to be tough but it might take a while.

Wade Character Bio

Wade Vanguard
Credit: Sledgehammer Games

“ Raised in Brooklyn, Wade was a bright kid but bored by schoolwork. As a teen, he grew interested in machines and eventually drag racing, which satisfied his ever-growing need for speed. His time spent behind the wheel paid off when he was accepted into the Navy’s aviation cadet program. He eventually earned his wings and found his purpose in a dive bomber cockpit.”

  • Favourite Weapon: Type 100
  • Task Force: Hellhounds

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Wade Challenges – How to earn bonus XP

Wade Vanguard
Credit Sledgehammer Games

Like all the other Operators in Call of Duty Vanguard, you can get bonus Operator XP for completing specific challenges for Wade – it’ll help you climb those levels fast!

Once you get all of these done and hit level 20, you’ll also unlock the Warbond Operator Skin and Inferno Title – and be one step closer to the Mastery Skins for the Hellhounds!

Wade’s Operator Challenges are as follows:

  • Get 3/50/10 wins as Wade
  • Get 10/15/30 Eliminations with Fire as Wade
  • Get 10/15/30 Hipfire Eliminations as Wade
  • Get 50/100/150 Eliminations as Wade

Wade Progression – How to unlock everything for Wade

Wade Vanguard
Credit: Sledgehammer Games

In addition to Weapon XP and Prestige Levels, you can actually earn Operator XP and progress through a series of levels for each Operator in Vanguard. Here’s what’s on offer for Wade Jackson:

  • Level 2: Deal With It (Operator Quip)
  • Level 3: 1,500 XP
  • Level 4: American Omega (Calling Card)
  • Level 5: Grounder (Operator MVP Highlight)
  • Level 6: 1,000 Type 100 XP (Weapon XP)
  • Level 7: Unpressured (Sticker)
  • Level 8: 2,000 XP
  • Level 9: Ramparts (Emblem)
  • Level 10: Third Fleet (Operator Skin)
  • Level 11: Baseball (Weapon Charm)
  • Level 12: 1,500 Type 100 XP (Weapon XP)
  • Level 13: 2,500 XP
  • Level 14: No Shit (Operator Quip)
  • Level 15: Batter Up (Operator Intro)
  • Level 16: 2,000 Type 100 XP (Weapon XP)
  • Level 17: Barrel It Up (Finishing Move)
  • Level 18: 3,000 XP
  • Level 19: Forward Thrust (Spray)
  • Level 20: Hothead (Operator Skin)

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Call of Duty Vanguard is now available on PC (via, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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